Blackjack or Poker: Which Game Gives the Highest Prizes?

Blackjack and poker are two of the best-loved card games in history. Both of these games can be played online but which should you choose?

While you might think that they are very similar, a look at the top prizes on offer lets us see some of the key differences between them.

Blackjack Has a Low House Edge but Modest Prizes

Blackjack is a hugely popular game among experienced casino players, as it provides one of the lowest house edges. Casinos return close to 100% of all bets to players, which means that if you play a long session there is a decent chance that you end it with close to the amount you started with.

However, it is difficult to win large sums on this game, as a winning blackjack hand tends to pay out at 3 to 2 or 2 to 1. Unless you play with large stakes, it is going to take you a run of good wins to build up your bankroll significantly, with every lost hand causing you to lose money.

It is the very slight skewing of the odds in favor of the house that produced the small house edge in this card game, which is based on you playing a perfect blackjack strategy. Therefore, if you want to try and remove the house edge altogether, you might like to use a progressive system based on simple mathematical rules.

The other possibility for claiming a big prize in blackjack is to choose a side bet. These optional wagers pay out well on things like a pair of matching cards or reaching a certain total with the first cards. The reason that side bets pay out so well is that they donít come up very often, so choosing to wager in this way adds more volatility to your session.

Find out how to play blackjack and practice with other players here:

Poker Prizes Vary Widely

In terms of poker, the amount you could win will vary widely, because of the number of different ways of playing this game. For example, if you play in a poker tournament with a lot of other competitors the prizes may be high but difficult to win.

On the other hand, a cash game against a single opponent gives you a good chance of winning if you have a solid poker strategy, but the amount you could win will be more limited. Even professional poker players tend to have to grind for hours every day to earn good money, with many of them playing at several tables at the same time.

The amount earned by poker players vary widely, so it is difficult to put an exact figure on what prizes you could win if you play regularly. Some research on the subjects that about a third of players win in the long term, with maybe 10% of all players winning enough to be able to say that they make good money from the game.

One huge win in a major tournament will be enough to make any playerís career earnings look a lot better, but many players simply carry on picking up more modest prizes game after game.

Video Poker Adds an Extra Option

If you like poker but want a clearer idea of how much you could win, you might want to take a look at video poker games. This is a simplified version of the classic card game where all you need to do is make up a winning poker hand from the cards you are dealt, to receive the prize associated with it.

You arenít playing against anyone else, so it works more like blackjack does, with a house edge. As with blackjack, the house edge is very low and most of the prizes are modest. For example, in the jacks or better games you will probably only get your money back for a couple of jacks and might double your stake if you get 2 pairs in the same hand.

However, video poker gets interesting when you look at the strongest possible poker hands. A royal flush doesnít tend to come around often but if you get one the payout is likely to be worth several hundred times your stake. This means that you can try to keep ticking over with smaller wins while waiting for the chance to claim one of the biggest prizes.

Which Game Should You Try?

As we have seen, there are some good reasons for playing any of these types of casino games. For some people, it will be a question of looking for the game that most appeals to them in terms of how it is played and how much money they might win.

For others, switching between games will be the ideal way to keep the action fresh and enjoy the different advantages offered by all of these games.