Dealt with the right hand. Meet Charlie Carrel, the wiz of online poker

Meet Charlie Carrel. The under-30 poker legend that started with as a teenager with 15$ in a poker account and found himself with 4 million dollars.

At first glance, Charlie strikes as a regular kid. One that could be found aimlessly strolling a University hall after hours in search of another kid to play a 2 a.m. game of Call of Duty. The usual tired look of a millennial is an image that crumbles away pretty quickly when you realize he is one of the most brilliant minds in poker.

It is now an old tale that sees poker playing as a seedy thing. According to Medium, Online poker is more so representative of brains: “The modern game is an ever-increasing portrait of young, college-educated and intelligent players, doing battle on the web with tools comprising of statistics, strategy, and aggression.”

Not short of a genius, Charlie always had a predilection for math. Admittedly, according to a fascinating interview with Channel4, he had been involved in many math-related subjects since school.

How it all started

Charlie was only 8 years old when he began to approach card games, a few years later he was already the best in his gang of friends. He began playing five-card draw and at 18 he approached Texas Hol'em on the advice of a friend:

"A friend of mine told me that he had earned $30 playing online and I thought it was worth trying because when we were playing at home I was always the best.”

It is not casual that he would get into poker. According to an article on Entrepreneur, the online gaming industry is worth a staggering $116 Billion, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Moreover, online casino games attract customers across the world and of course are easily accessible for the players and sports enthusiasts who would prefer the comfort of their homes to the real casino. This contributes to esports’ allure and its generation of a globally engaged fan base.

So it’s with this premise that Charlie Carrel started his journey. With a small deposit of $15 and a small tournament with a dollar buy-in. An SNG that earned him $50.

"I grew up sipping money and absolutely against waste. If I had not won that first tournament I would probably have stopped there”. But of course, he didn’t stop there. He continued playing until he hit the million.

Now Charlie is thinking of studying at University in a course on Economics and Philosophy, as well as starting his own business outside the poker world as many tend to do.

"Money doesn't count as much as I thought. Spending it for my friends and my family adds much more value to my life".

Today, Charlie has become the synonym of pride for his parents and sister, who initially, worried about his son's many sleepless nights, didn't agree to support his passion for the game. It is certainly not the money to have changed their idea but it definitely has contributed immensely in the way in which they see him managing his savings. Charlie has matured a lot thanks to poker and this is what makes Mr. Carrel a real genius.