Easy casino games for beginners

There are many ways to spend your time and money to have some fun. Casinos are one of the more popular ways many people choose to enjoy themselves. Why? Casinos offer plenty of games such as slots and table games that are appealing to many. Above all, there is the possibility of walking away with some winnings for having fun which makes casinos a lethal combination of fun with the possibility of winning.

Unfortunately, many have had their dreams of winning at casinos crushed but it does not always have to be this way. While many casino games are genuinely difficult, there are some that make it a little easier for gamblers to at least walk away with something. This also largely depends on the site you choose, which is why starting off with something like this, which is what Japan-101 recommends, guarantees you don’t have to walk away with your tail between your legs if you consider these games.


Poker is one of the most iconic casino games, and is synonymous with casinos, so it could not be excluded from this list. Poker is a relatively simple game to play, but very difficult to master, which is why only a few people are able to consecutively win championships. One of the things that makes poker easy to play, compared to other games, is that the more you learn, and the more strategies you employ, the easier it is to win, whereas other games are based entirely on luck, so winning isn’t that easy.


As a new player, there is always some student that you may find intimidating. Similarly, new players to casino games find craps quite intimidating. One of the reasons why is because of they get to play with a bunch of veteran gamblers that seem to understand what’s going on better than them. The easy choice is to not engage but what’s the fun in that? Getting involved in a game of craps needs some understanding in order to kind of even the odds. The house still wins but you can make it win a little less. The most effective tactics for craps include “pass line” and “don’t pass line” bets which place a wager that the shooter will either make their point or crap out. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Black jack

Looking for a great mix of strategy and fun? Look no further than blackjack. This game is a big lure for many first-time casino gamblers because the rules are relatively easy to understand and has familiar gameplay. While going at it yourself is great, many casinos offer free classes to newbies. Additionally, by picking up a basic strategy card at the gift store of the casino, the house edge is reduced by 1 percent. every gambler needs whatever odds in their favour they can get so get to using them.


The most popular casino game is slots. Why you may wonder? For some reason, it is a great waiting game for gamblers waiting to get in on the table games. They also come in all shapes, sizes and themes which are attractive to different gamblers. Slots have a range of cost to play from as low as $0.01 t over $100 per spin therefore, everyone is included and can join in on the fun.

Slot machines are also evolving with the times with 3D graphics and pop culture themes which lure in customers that love these additions. Finally, the RTP (Return to Player) on slots is between 95 to 98 percent which makes the odds of walking away with something considerable for a gambler.


While Roulette has more bets than craps, it also offers some opportunities for new gamblers to get some great odds. The best bets in roulette are odd/even and black/red with a touch of luck. Since the game moves slower than some of the other casino games, gamblers get to have fun longer and lose slower which works to the gamblers favour. The big board is taboo for the new gambler if you want to keep your hopes up.


Who says a gambler cannot enjoy the simplicity of slot machines with the thrill of table games? Clearly somebody who has not played baccarat. With the option to play as: player, banker and tie, the safest bet is on the player. While the banker bet has a slight advantage, it comes at a fee. The tie bet should be avoided because it is as hard as betting on getting an 8 in craps. There are free classes available at some casinos so take advantage.


Casinos do not always have to be a place where the house always wins when you consider which games give you the best odds and which odds to bet on. Gamblers who take advantage of these odds along with free trainings at some casinos are in a better position to make the best of their gambling experience, having fun with the possibility of some winnings.