Knowing When To Fold In Poker

Poker is a game that is enjoyed by people all around the world as a fun and social game. Itís exciting because you never really know whatís going to happen next and the competitiveness that comes out of it is exciting, whether itís in person or at an online casino. Itís a game where you could potentially win money consistently with a good hand.

Although poker does require some skill, if you get good hands in poker, you can consider yourself lucky as youíll be on a roll of winning games which is enjoyable for players no matter the level of expertise. However, like most gambling games, there comes a time when you have to know when to fold.

Below are some ways you can learn to know when to fold!

Youíve Got A Terrible Preflop Hand

At the beginning of the game, everyone will receive their two cards, and if you have a hand already at this point or a low chance of having any combinations, then this is a good sign to fold. Alternatively, if the cards you have are low-value cards, this is something you should pay attention to at the beginning so that you donít dig yourself in a deep hole with a bad hand. At first, this might seem like a challenging concept, but once you get a hang of the different winning hands, youíll know when to fold a terrible preflop hand.

Watch Your Opponents

Understanding your opponentís playing style is fundamental in knowing when to fold. If your opponent is constantly raising, over the projected odds, there might be a reason for this and you must know where you should stand, bet or fold. Knowing your opponentís next move can help you to increase your chances of winning by paying attention to certain behaviours that your opponent might be continuously making throughout the game as part of their strategy. Always be aware of your surroundings in a game of poker and if you start to see signs of your opponentís when they have a strong hand so that you can use that to know when to fold if you need to.

Understanding Your Odds

Before starting a game of poker, you should do a bit of research to understand how the odds work in poker. Poker odds are the probability in which you can expect to win or lose and being aware of these is a great way to hone oneís skill and build a structure that can work in your favour. Mastering the odds of poker will help you in structuring your poker strategy and assessing the situation when you are at the table.


Poker is an appealing game to both beginner players and experienced poker players because itís not too difficult to learn, itís fun, some strategy is required, and if youíre lucky with good hands, you could win quite a bit. This can be applied to in-person poker games at brick-and-mortar casinos as well as for online casinos like at There are several ways you can excel at a game of poker which includes knowing when to fold. Knowing when to fold can be determined in several ways including watching your opponentís behaviours and knowing your odds.