Learn To Play Indian Poker (Teen Patti)

Online gaming is big business in India and for a good reason. The country has a heritage of gaming, and when combined with innovation, gaming has emerged as a top digital industry. The country is among the top five gaming markets in the world and the numbers keep growing.

With card games in India, Teen Patti quickly pops into mind and for a good reason. This is the version of poker you find in the western world and it has evolved rapidly because of the rich heritage of card games in India’s history. A 2018 study estimated that online Teen Patti revenues would grow 50% over the next year.

If you have an interest in card games, Teen Patti is a game you have to play. With many platforms now offering the online version of the game even on mobile, you can have fun any time and even on the go from your smartphone and you can play online here. Here are some tips to start you off in Indian poker.

Overview of Teen Patti

Teen Patti is simply an online version of the popular Indian card game by the same name. The most common version of the game involves 2-10 players who use the ordinary 52-card pack but without jokers. In the online version of the game, there’s more excitement by adding a dealer, poker chips, a poker table, and a dealer button.

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The game is available at most online casinos and other gaming platforms. Every player contributes to the pot money and the object for every player is to win the pot with all the bets. Aces are ranked the highest and 2’s are the lowest. As a player, your goal is to have the best 3-card hand.

There are variations of Teen Patti such as:

  • 999 Variation
  • Royal Variation
  • Joker Variation
  • Faceoff Variation
  • Best of Four
  • AK47 Variation
  • Bust Card Draw
  • Mufliss (Lowball) Variation

These variations add to the thrill and also the complexity of the game and you can play them as you continue learning the ropes.

This is a legal game in India which allows games of skill online. Master your hand and also how to make intelligent calls based on close observation of the progression of the game.

Understanding Teen Patti Play

Players and the dealer get 3 face-down cards and the first player is the one next to the dealer. When the game starts, the player makes a call (to continue in the game, without raising the bet) or raise (adding cash in the pot or a raise). With a raise, the player risks to lose more money than the first bet.

The pot continues to grow as the game progresses. The player who lasts longest to the completion of the hand and has the best hand or the highest hand wins. You’ll also win as the last player if other players fold except for one.

Some rules of Teen Patti you should remember include:

  1. All players contribute towards the pot money
  2. Players receive 3 face-down cards
  3. Player next to the dealer starts
  4. The Aces are ranked as the highest and 2 the lowest
  5. A ‘seen’ player looks at his or her cards
  6. A ‘blind’ player prefers to make a blind bet

Tips to Play Teen Patti

Ready to enjoy the thrilling world of Indian poker? Here are some tips to remember:

  1. For a start, place low-value wagers
  2. Study your opponent and how they play
  3. Bluffing is crucial in Teen Patti when you have weak cards
  4. Play blind so as not to reveal your cards
  5. Use sideshow feature
  6. If on a losing streak, take a break and try later
  7. Good fortune demands patience

Teen Patti is one of the most exhilarating games you can play online and now most it’s available at the top casino sites. Take time to learn the game and keep learning if you want to play like a pro.