Online Casinos Rocky Relationship with Livestreaming

Over the past decade, online streaming has certainly become a huge part of gaming as a whole as new releases are hyped up and the biggest content creators can pull in tens of thousands of viewers each day providing a huge representation to the games on offer, one of the latest genres that have seen a change here come within online casinos particularly in slots like sweet bonanza as certain content creators have picked up streaming some of these big slots offerings, and others in the past have had the chance to check out live dealer Blackjack and Poker as the other big options on offer too. There has been some dispute in the streaming community over the past few months however as online streaming for these games has grown, but what is leading to the rocky relationship?

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Much of the concern had come early on from those not disclosing ads or partnerships, after a previous issue with some online gambling options largely from skin betting and gambling, it had become a requirement on the biggest platform of Twitch to disclose whenever the game or service youíre playing had a paid sponsorship and following the growth of slots and online gambling on these platforms it had been leaked that not all of the big names in streaming were disclosing this. With tens of thousands being gambled each day, it did leave many feeling that the platform needed to do more in order to ensure that the streamers taking advantage of grey areas and loopholes werenít taking advantage of a system designed to protect players from a less than perfect representation of what to expect.

Other concerns were brought to the attention too as there havenít been any measures in place to protect audiences most at risk, whilst it had become a requirement that all streams featuring gambling would have to mark themselves as 18+, thereís no verification or confirmation need, just simply clicking a button to confirm youíre of age. This isnít something that has only been a problem with gambling recently but for other genres and services on Twitch too and not something that has got better over time and given the prominence of what had been seen recently it only brought more attention to this fact, and attention to the issue at hand.

As of yet there has been no action taken, but the trend does seem to be somewhat slowing as some of the big names have moved away as pressure has continued to grow, but it comes and goes in waves and the popularity for online casinos will certainly return in a short amount of time, and ensuring that all the right protections are in place could be vital to avoid the same backlash once again.