Simple Slots Must Outlast Modern Interference

Slots of all different varieties are known for favouring simple gameplay mechanics that require little input from the player. These games are arguably the most popular casino experiences in the world, with the possible exception of Asia, where baccarat usually enjoys the most affection from players. Thereís been a definite drive among developers to make slots more interesting, though, but that doesnít necessarily mean sacrificing the ease of play.

A Temporary Gimmick

The blog ranks slots as the least complex casino game on a scale that has poker at the other end and blackjack, baccarat, and roulette sandwiched in the middle. You can read more about this ranking on their website but, in brief, the article notes that slots only require two actions of the player, namely, specifying how much they want to bet and then pressing a button to get the machine going.

Source: Pexels

As many slots games include an auto-spin feature, itís possible to reduce the experience to just one or two clicks per play session. This kind of automation isnít possible in blackjack, for example, where the player has to make decisions regarding the cards they are dealt, including whether to hit or stand, double down, split, or surrender. Slots and blackjack typify the difference between luck and skill-based casino experiences.

While efforts continue to make slots more palatable for a generation whose interests mainly revolve around video games, this process has become virtually invisible, and could quite easily be chalked up as a temporary gimmick for industry meets and greets. Similarly, NetEnt and BetSoft charged ahead with their plans for virtual reality slots games but, once again, this trend is restricted to specialist developers, not mainstream casinos.

Space Invaders

The comparison site indicates that gaming sites continue to place an emphasis on traditional slots over any modern mutation. JackpotCity offers free spins on Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah, for instance, while Lucky Days and LeoVegas favour Play ní Goís Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead game as an introduction for new players. Notably, few of these slots offer anything in the way of complex mechanics.

Source: Pexels

Skill-based slots, while a novel idea, come with a number of limitations that will restric tthe size of their audience. Firstly, the interactive element usually only appears as a bonus game, meaning that the majority of the experience is identical to classic slots titles like Starburst. Also, as their target audience is mainly comprised of less-established gamblers and gamers, the use of retro IPs like Space Invaders is about fifty years wide of the mark.

Slotsí primary defence against modernisation is something central to the experience, though Ė luck. People who play the game don't want more complex, interactive features. They want to press a button and see what happens. To put that another way, adding more elements of luck to poker would significantly damage the gameís global popularity, as all those hours of book learning would have been for nothing.

Overall, while slots may be struggling for relevance among some audiences, the solution to that problem isnít to turn the game into something else entirely.