Sports Betting Bonuses And Making The Most Of Them

Online gambling has brought many innovations into the world of gambling and online sportsbooks have given many new incentives to gamblers to join them and place wagers. More than in any other way, the online bookies encourage players by providing them with great welcome bonuses and other promotions that are worth a certain amount of real money to each player who takes them.

We examine the true value of welcome and other bonuses and the best ways of making a profit from such bonuses. Are online sports betting bonuses just a marketing trick or is there true value for punters in such bonuses?

Types Of Sports Betting Bonuses

There are different types of sports betting bonuses available on the internet. While some bookies choose to give players generous cash bonuses to play with, others offer risk free bets which compensate the players if they place losing bets. In either case, every welcome bonus provided by a sportsbook is always good value initially.

Some bookies offer bonus of up to 100% when you first sign up and the bonus actually enters your account as real money. The bonus cash sounds great, but the truth is every sportsbook will make you wager the entire bonus a certain amount of times, which for most players means they will not end up winning money unless they get lucky. However, if you are a solid punter and believe you have what it takes to beat the bookies in general, than playing with a cash bonus will absolutely guarantee you win, as you will have double the money at your disposal and even a slight loss will still be a win with the bonus cash.

Risk free bets work slightly differently as you are forced to place all your initial deposit cash on one big bet and if you lose you get your money back as bonus money. This can be great when your pick hits as you can make instant withdrawals, but if you lose you still have to play through your bonus a certain number of times. Many punters prefer this option as it gives them a chance to win their bet and not have to meet the playthrough.

Sports Betting Bonuses Conditions

Sports betting bonuses always come with certain terms and conditions attached to them. For instance, the playthrough requirement will force you to wager the entire bonus about anywhere between 5 and 20 times. The only wagers that will count towards the playthrough requirement will be those with the odds of 1.80 or better at most bookies. Certain matches may be excluded from the promotion etc.

However, this does not mean that betting bonuses are a bad thing, it just means that you will have to be cautious, read through the rules and know what you are doing before you take on a betting bonus. Many punters also attempt to cheat bookies out of their bonuses, but this is not a smart thing to do as bookies have developed many systems against fraud and will not let you do anything dodgy without punishment.

The short summary of the above would be, play fair, play straight and you will not get into trouble.

Are Sports Betting Bonuses Actually Worth It?

The restrictions which sports betting bonuses impose on a player may seem too much to some punters. However, the bonus gives you free cash to play with and if you were going to bet anyway, you donít even really care about the fact you have to rollover the bonus several times. Most punters would make the wagering requirement sooner or later anyway and you should not worry much about this.

Sports betting bonuses are in fact great value, perhaps the best in the online gambling industry. The edges that bookies have over the punters are so slight that many punters actually manage to win even without any bonuses and the bonuses provided by the sites will almost guarantee a certain win for anyone who knows a first thing about sports betting.

While you will find many people on the internet complaining about betting bonuses, most of these people have actually attempted to cheat the bookies and got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. If you are a gambler who always looks for edges, you should certainly make use of the valuable deposit bonuses offered at many sportsbooks around the internet.


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