The Seven Deadly Sins of Video Poker Playing

When youíre first getting into playing poker online through video poker, youíll come across a lot of guides which will give you a few solid tips and tricks about getting started. Some are better than others, of course. For example, this particular guide on video poker from gives a lengthier explanation than most on how video poker works, including a run-down of all the different versions there are of it.

Whatís less talked about is the mistakes that many newcomer poker players tend to make. For that matter, even more experienced poker players can sometimes fall into the trap of the ĎSeven Deadly Sins of Video Pokerí. The good news is that it doesnít take much to get absolved of your sins. Take a look down below to learn exactly what you should not do when playing online poker.

1. Underplaying full houses

Most players make the massive mistake of risking a decent full house for a full house of Kings only. The reality is that the odds for getting a full house of Kings arenít that great, so donít give away cards that can comprise other, lesser paying but more frequently occurring, full houses.

2. Not playing 5 coins

So, like youíll find in guides like the one from, there are a lot of different video poker versions. But some things are common throughout more than one version, like the ability to play 5 coins. The difference in pay-out ratio from playing 4 coins, which pays out 1000 coins in a royal flush, and 5 coins, which pays out a huge 4000 coins in a royal flush, is really steep. Itís smarter to bet using 5 coins in the long-run, because it increases the overall return to the player.

3. Overestimating your bankroll

To play video poker until you get big profits, you need a substantial bankroll. Royal flushes are extremely lucrative opportunities, especially if youíre betting with 5 coins, but theyíre not common. Make sure that you have enough money to steamroll your way to a victory, or else donít bother trying in the big leagues at all. Youíll only end up broke.

4. Not realizing that paytables change

Different versions of video poker donít only mean a difference in game rules, but also in the paytable. Not every version of video poker pays out the same on the same bets, so make sure to plan your strategy according to the paytable of the version youíre about to play.

5. Playing a hand too early

This mistake is self-explanatory. Jumping the gun on a good hand you have might mean missing out on a great hand. Donít be too eager when you find yourself holding a decent hand, wait it out and make sure there arenít any better options for you.

6. Playing a hand too late

Itís all about finding the right balance Ė once you think youíve got a really good hand, donít hold out just on the hope of landing a royal flush or a full house. Go for it!

7. Treating all 3-card straight flushes equally

According to the version of video poker youíre playing, 3-card straight flushes can have different strengths and values. Read up on what youíre going into before treating these flushes the same during the game itself.


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