The three best online poker sites to use in Canada.

The way that online poker sites have improved in recent years has been astounding. When casino games were first brought to the internet they were clunky, ugly and barely usable. The cards were little fuzzy pictures, the mouse rarely managed to click on them and it was so slow that it was almost quicker to hop in your car and drive to your nearest casino rather than waiting for the game to load. This was always coupled with the fact that everyones internet was very slow just as these games were beginning to develop meaning we had poor quality games and slow internet making online poker in the early 00ís a real busted flush.

Now however it is amazing, it is almost the quality of an Xbox or Playstation game with so many different companies all vying for top spot and to be your online poker provider of choice. Competition is supposed to breed innovation, in many cases this has simply not happened, but in terms of online poker it absolutely has. With online poker being legal, if in some cases restricted, there are so many online poker sites for Canadians to enjoy that it can be hard to pick your favourite. The range and breadth of online operators is something to be cherished but also something which can be a little confusing.

With over 15 million Americans playing online poker in the United States companies there have brought their offerings to Canada where they know there are a number of committed and passionate players ready to win some money at their favourite card game. With so many options out there to play, we thought we would help you out with a list of our favourite three online poker sites you can use in Canada. There are far more than just three so this list is by no means exhaustive but aims to give you a guide to what is out there.

888 Poker:

One of the biggest names in the online poker game, 888 is incredibly popular the world over and for good reason. It has both a superb web browser version as well as a mobile app that you can use on both your iPhone and your Android. The app is clean, easy to use and very intuitive, you wonít be learning a million different swipes and taps before playing your favourite game. 888 always has a great selection of opponents be they AI or real, they have a number of fun ways to personalise your game like avatars and you can use it to qualify for real life major events. They have tournaments which you can play online and if you do well you can be invited to play for real at a glamorous casino.

Poker Party:

This one is aimed to be more fun that other online poker games, that doesnít mean it is not for serious players or aimed at people who know their stuff, rather they aim to make their website a brighter and more colorful experience than some of their competitors. Their app is known for being one of the best at working when you are away from Wifi making it useful for anyone who likes to play while they are commuting. It also gives you a full hands history option so you can check back through the previous games you have played and see where you have gone wrong or perhaps gone right so you can improve going forward. As with 888, you can also try and enter real life events if you succeed online.

William Hill:

William Hill are known for more than just poker, they are primarily known for their online sports betting offerings and high street bookmakers across the United Kingdom. This range of perspectives means that their poker offering is very well rounded and made in conjunction with their knowledge gathered from being a bookmaker as well as a casino. They give special bonuses too to entice Canadian players as they hope to spread the word about their poker chops across the country. As with the other providers here, they have an excellent app as well as web platform that allows you to play wherever and whenever you want to. They also have a range of excellent tournaments you can enter to win big prizes.