Two Best Poker Books That Will Make a Guru out of You

There is more and more poker literature - the number of books is growing exponentially. What will really be worth your time? What will help you understand the game so that you can understand it later and place bets in on the correct outcome of the game and the correct players?

#1: Doyle Brunson - The Super System

Meet Doyle Brunson's "Super System" - it's generally the first book on poker strategy written by a successful player, not a theorist. There were 2 more editions of the book in English: "Super System 2" and "Super System Deluxe.

The first edition of Doyle Brunson's Super System was published in 1978 when poker theory was still in its infancy. The book cost $100 - gigantic money at the time. But don't forget that the author shared his ideas, accumulated over decades, that were worth much more money.

Above all, "The Super System" was the beginning of theory for various variations of poker and showed a systematic approach to the mathematical laws of the game, Brunson showed that one must move away from "intuitive play."

Today, with the numerous studies of poker done and the superpowered computing equipment at hand, players have gained a number of advantages. In the late '70s, none of this existed; no one but the player himself could do lightning-fast modeling and analysis of the situation.

Doyle Brunson never made a secret of the fact that he and his friends Amarillo Slim and Brian "Sailor" Roberts spent endless hours trying to calculate approximate probabilities by doing a lot of random experiments. In doing so, the friends secured a big advantage that they maintained in the early years of the World Series of Poker.

#2: Gus Hansen - "All Hands Open"

While it's hard to call it a textbook, it is nonetheless a tremendous boost of knowledge and energy. Why? Read about the making of the book and its contents.

"Every Hand Revealed" is written in English, the original title being "Every Hand Revealed." The translation we give is more of a literary one. But if we turn to the meaning of the entire work, another would be more subtly conveying the meaning-"Playing Every Hand."

Today Gus Hansen is not very active on the tournament scene, and he even has the title of one of the biggest losers in the online cash game. Young pro disparaging comments about the fact that Hansen repeatedly drained his bankroll, so he just can't be called a professional.

But in the early years of his poker career, Gus was one of the most successful tournament players in history. His total tournament payouts reached $11 million. Not long ago, he was 14th on the list of the most successful players (in terms of winnings) in tournament poker.

Nearly a year and a half after his victory, Hansen spent processing his own tape recordings. And the result came in the form of an exceptional book. "All Hands Open" appeared on bookstore shelves in English-speaking countries in 2008. The poker world was thrilled!

We would like to warn you right away that such uncommon literature is not suitable for everyone. Those who are looking for direct strategic help in Hansen's book will rather be disappointed because he explains very little. His style of presentation offers little in the way of advice and rarely includes mathematical calculations.

Nevertheless, "All Hands Open" is a great thing, as it does describe all 329 tournament hands, and there is a fair amount of humor as well.