Why Continuation Bets Could Help You Win Your Next Poker Game

Poker is one of the most well-played casino games out there. In fact, it is estimated that there are around 60 million poker players in the United States alone. Worldwide, statistics show that there are over 100 million poker players out there.

One of the main reasons that make poker extremely popular is how itís a game of both chance and strategy. Most casino games are purely based on luck but Poker allows its players to improve and better their chances of winnings through strategizing.

The most successful poker players have their own strategies and that is why itís important that a poker player has strategies prepared if he or she is serious when it comes to winning the game.

More and more people are actually playing poker to win more money. Technology and the internet also help as people no longer need to leave their homes to play Poker and earn money at the same time.

Having a strategy is important to win more money from online poker, but it is also important to know which online casinos offer the best deals. The top high roller online casinos listed on CasinoGuide should be considered if you want to take online poker seriously.

Playing on high roller online casinos can be risky but it promises more winnings. As a high roller, itís important that you take your games seriously and so strategizing should definitely be prioritized. One strategy that could work well is continuation betting or C Bets.

Placing a C bet is what you can do if you missed the flop but entered the pot as a preflop raiser. Itís a good strategy to get your opponent out of the hand. It is indeed a form of bluff but doing this is a great way to show your strength in preflop.

A continuous bet is mainly intended to take down the pot right then, but this is best when you are the one who has the strong hand. Considering when you should place a C bet is crucial and can be predicated for a heads-up confrontation.

When there are only three of you on the table, positioning is important whenever youíre deciding on placing a C bet. If there are more than three players on the table, then itís the frequency of your C bets that you should be thinking about. Typically, the frequency should be low during such games and should only be done if youíre well-connected with the flop.

The size of your C bet is also an important consideration. Generally, what makes sense is to depend on the size of your C bet between the half and full pot, but there are actually various factors that should make you decide on this.

If you know that youíve already connected with a flop on a coordinated board, the best you can do is to place a bet that is close to the full pot. This will help increase the likelihood of getting callers and thatís something that you want because of your pot equity.

Youíll also want the opponents who are playing draws to pay through the nose to hut them. Meanwhile, if you hit a flop on a dry board, the best thing to do is to place a bet thatís close to the half pot. This will most likely make your opponents fold. However, if you get a caller, itís an indication that they have connected more than you did.

When you should not be placing a C bet is if you miss a flop on a coordinated board. Hitting a flop on a dry board, on the other hand, will make a C bet a good strategy for you.

Placing a C bet may not be necessary all the time. This is, however, the best strategy to use if the player youíre going up against is missing the flop at least 70 percent of the time.

It is unlikely that youíll hit every flop hard but through continuation betting, but you need to make sure that your opponents wonít realize what youíre doing. If they do, they will most likely make sure that they trap you if they hit the flop themselves.

If you got called for your C bets, the wise thing to do is to slow down on the turn. Opponents that know what youíre doing will likely slow play a flop to encourage you to make another run for the pot during your turn.