Will Live Casino Replace All Online Casino Games?

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Thanks to strong internet connections and faster processing of desktops and smartphones, live casino games have really taken off. They reflect the kind of benefits that playing casino games in a digital space offers. Players can see dealers for games like poker, blackjack, and roulette in front of them in real time. As more live casino rooms open up on each casino site, we ask: will live casino eclipse all other forms of casino gaming?

Live casino has created such a niche in the online casino sphere due to the variety of options within the format. For example, the options at SuperSeven live casino show that there are many ways in which players can engage with classic table games in a different, more tech-savvy way. When it comes to live blackjack, there are more than 100 rooms, spanning the range of different styles of blackjack game there are. Roulette games span the different rules (American and European) and even different formats of the game.

The next stage for live casino games would be to expand the live streaming to the player as well as the dealer. Not all live casino games allow players to be seen, they only let them see the dealer. Some may feel the game would be elevated with this additional feature. However, there are plenty of people who donít like being on webcam with people they know, let alone a casino dealer. Some may be averse to live casino being more intrusive and may enjoy it as it is. The third view is that unless it continues to innovate regardless, the next big thing in entertainment will emerge to take over.

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It does make sense that live casino is doing so well given how prolific live streaming is across entertainment, which is set to break records in gaming. The estimated audience for live streaming in gaming will be 728.8 million in 2021, with this figure expected to rise to 920.3 million by 2024. Elsewhere, Netflix and Spotify have facilitated it so that friends can listen to and watch the same things as one another, showing their reactions as the content plays. So, itís clear that live entertainment, in general, is popular.

But with live casinoís success, that isnít to say that it will completely eclipse other forms of online casino games. Online slots are still popular, for instance, and will most likely continue this reign as developers have managed to pinpoint the aspects of the gameplay that players resonate with most. Slots offer a less strategic form of gameplay with less thinking required. So, itís unlikely that they wonít be able to exist alongside one another, as two different forms of online casino gaming will attract different audiences.

Live casinoís popularity comes down to many factors. The most important is that it represents the cutting edge of technology and helps the online version of casino gaming to show why it differs from its land-based competitors. But could live casino ever take over the industry? Probably not. The variety on an online casino site is part of the industryís success story.