Blackjack Cheaters

Poker Legend Arrested For Cheating At Blackjack

In 2013, legendary Las Vegas gambler Archie Karas was arrested for allegedly cheating at blackjack in a Southern California Indian casino, Barona Casino. He was arrested in Nevada, while waiting for an extradition. He could face years in prison if convicted.

Karas has been in trouble with the gaming authorities before. Nevada gaming agents arrested Karas four times since 1988 for allegedly cheating at Nevada gambling establishments. Karas is said to have won thousands of dollars by marking cards.

Karas was featured on ESPNís World Series of Poker coverage a few years ago. He reportedly won millions of dollars by beating some of poker best players in the 1990s, but reportedly lost it all.

California Casino Camera Catches Cheating Cop

In 2011, a Chula Vista, California nine-year police officer was arrested at a San Diego Indian casino, Sycuan Casino, for cheating at blackjack. He was gambling with his mother and girlfriend when a veteran blackjack dealer caught him "capping" his bets. Capping is where the player adds chips (usually high in value) to their winning bet after they know that their hand has won.

After the dealer noticed him cheating, the California gaming commissioners were notified. Before making the arrest, police officers reviewed the casino security tape and determined there was probable cause to arrest him. The player was charged with one misdemeanor count of illegal gambling and released after posting bail. The officer was immediately placed on an unpaid leave and asked to surrender his police badge and gun until the investigation was concluded. The Chief of Police said the cop would be fired if the allegation was sustained.


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