Blackjack Cheating


When it comes to cheating at blackjack, most of the cheating schemes fall into three categories: the classic strategy of past-posting, messing with the cards, and a computerized device. Here are a few specific examples of blackjack cheating:

  • Marking/Bending Cards

    One method cheating blackjack players have used in the past is by marking some of the cards. If successful, the cheaters may be able to know what the dealer's face-down card is. Some players use a special duab that puts an invisible smudge on the card and can only be seen with special glasses or contact lenses. Other players have had long, sharp fingernails to scratch the cards. The cheaters may target important cards like tens and aces.

  • Switching Cards

    Some cheating blackjack players switch the cards on the table with other cards that they are hiding on themselves. The obvious risks with using this method is that the trick will be discovered when the deck is changed since the pit boss always analyzes the decks of cards after they are taken out of play.

  • Past Posting

    Past posting means adding chips to a hand after knowing the hand is a winner. This technique is common cheating technique at all table games.

  • Dealer Collusion

    Dealer collusion is another technique is a possible way to cheat at all table games.

  • Hole-card Signaling

    A two-man team can gain an advantage on a dealer if the dealer is careless when looking at their hole card to check for a blackjack. A cheater sitting behind the dealer on the other side of the table may be able to read the card and signal the value to a another cheater sitting at the table. In the past, wireless signaling devices have been used to do the signaling.

  • Card Counting Device

    There are various computerized devices that are available that help players count cards. In February 2009, the Nevada Gaming Control Board issued a warning about an iPhone card counting application that was deemed illegal in that state.


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