About Bovada

Bovada is operated by The Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (MMGG), a private online gambling company that formerly operated the Bodog-branded site Bodog used to allow access to US and non- US players, but decided to split off and rebrand their US operations as Bodog. So, Bovada is basically the US-version of Bodog.

When assessing the combined attractiveness of a poker site, casino, and sportsbook, Bovada may be the best. Most sportsbooks have a weak poker site, and vice versa, but Bovada's gambling offerings are strong all around.

Bovada Bonuses

Bovada has different bonuses for their different gambling areas:

  • Poker: 100% - up to $1,000
  • Casino: 100% - up to $500
  • Sports: 50% - up to $250
  • Horses: Get 3-5% back


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