CLICK2PAY was online payment system that was used to pay "thousands of online merchants worldwide safely, easily, and reliably... They used the highest security standards and extensive data protection and uses the latest encryption technology as well as the most innovative fraud detection and prevention procedures to achieve optimal security."

When you poened an account with CLICK2PAY, you received a call-back validation from them in order to verify your identity. Your personal spending limit was set during this verification process. CLICK2PAY stopped allowing U.S. customers in 2007, but previous U.S. customers were allowed to keep their accounts open.


CLICK2PAY closed in 2014. While it was open, was never one of the more popular e-wallets. They had a mixed reputation. They are known for having quick transfers, but also known for having high fees and bad customer service. There are a couple of nightmare stories about money being frozen - it is not clear how these stories represented CLICK2PAY as a whole since there will always be customers with very bad experiences.


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Account Funding - Click2Pay

HPG ADMIN on March 5, 2013