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About EcoCard

EcoCard is the brand name of PSI-Pay Ltd, a UK-based company. The EcoCard Prepaid Debit MasterCard is accepted globally, wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed. You can also withdraw money from your EcoCard account to cash machines at home and abroad and spend offline, wherever you see the MasterCard acceptance mark. With the EcoCard Virtual Prepaid MasterCard you can spend funds from your EcoCard account with millions of online MasterCard accepting merchants wherever you see the MasterCard logo online. The benefits of the EcoCard are:

  • Free to register
  • Receive money into your EcoCard account instantly
  • Transfer money to internet shopping sites globally
  • Low fees
  • FREE to receive payments
  • FREE to pay EcoCard merchants
  • Withdraw money to a bank account or cash machine
  • Real-time transfers between EcoCard accounts
  • Send, receive & withdraw money at home and abroad - fast, and low cost
  • Create multiple currency accounts
  • Spend money securely online. Your details are highly secured with SSL encryption
  • 7 supported languages

The EcoCard iPhone application is now available. The EcoCard Money Manager revolutionary app gives you mobile access to the EcoCard payment platform, enabling you to deposit funds, make purchases, apply and fund a Virtual Prepaid MasterCard, make withdrawals with your iPhone or iTouch. The app supports 23 currencies and allows account holders to check their real time balance and transactions.

For online poker

In 2007 EcoCard pulled out of the US market due to the impact of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). EcoCard was never been one of the most popular e-wallets. Although they have never really been on any blacklists, there has also never been a lot of praise from their customers. The general opinion of them is that you may have to jump through some hoops and deal with some mild (or moderate) incompetency on their end when it comes to opening an account or processing transactions, but they will get the job done.


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