Greg Raymer

Nicknamed "Fossilman," Greg Raymer is a professional poker player from Connecticut. He is best known for winning the 2004 World Series of Poker main event.

Born in 1964, in North Dakota, Raymer graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1992. He then practiced law as a patent attorney for more than a decade and worked for the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. His "Fossil Man" comes from his hobby collecting fossils and using of them as card protectors at the poker table. Early in his poker career he would supplement his bankroll by selling fossils to other players at his table. He is also known for wearing holographic glasses at the poker table.

Raymer first cashed at the WSOP in 2001, in the $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo Split 8-or-better event.

At the 2004 WSOP main event, Raymer defeated the young and talented David Williams to win the $5,000,000 1st prize.

Before his big win, Raymer sold "shares" of himself to raise money to play poker and to spread the risk of losses. At the time of his WSOP win, about 40% of Raymer was in the hands of various relatives and friends. After he won, each $500 share he had sold was worth about $36,000.

Raymer had a much-talked about war of words with Mike Matusow during the WSOP which was shown on ESPN where Matusow insulted Raymer. Raymer, to his credit, just coolly brushed it aside and kept his focus.

After winning the WSOP, Raymer got recruited to endorse Pokerstars just like Moneymaker did the prior year.

The next year, as defending champion looking to repeat, Raymer finished 25th out of 5,619 entrants (the top 0.5% of the field) at the 2005 WSOP Main Event, earning $304,680. Before the tourney, he had labeled his self-odds as 1500-to-1.

In 2007, Raymer won the $320 WCOOP Pot-Limit Omaha with Rebuys event on PokerStars, winning $168,362.

At the 2009 WSOP $40,000 No-Limit Hold 'em event, Raymer placed 3rd out of 201 players, winning $774,927.

after the passage of the UIGEA in 2006, Raymer has helped the poker industry lobby politicians to get the game of poker classified as a game of skill.

Most poker fans recognize Raymer as a thinking player. He has spent a lot of time posting on internet forums theorizing about poker and reviewing hand histories. Specifically, Raymer is great at playing "big stack poker", which means using your large stack to crush small stacks while staying away from other big stacks. During his WSOP win, Raymer avoided major showdowns with the other strong players, specifically Josh Arieh and Marcel Luske.

Just like Moneymaker before him, there were whispers that he got lucky because he won many coin flips along the way to his win. This was magnified by the TV coverage showing only the high drama all-in hands and ignoring the more nuanced skillful plays. The general consensus is that all big-field winners will win coin flips along the way and that doesn't mean a player got lucky as a whole.

As of 2010, he has 13 WSOP cashes and live tournament winnings exceed $6,850,000.

In 2004, two men attempted to rob Raymer at gunpoint as he returned to his Bellagio hotel room at around 2 am after playing in a cash game. The men then tried to push him in the room but Raymer held them off until police arrived and was unharmed.


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Originally Posted by krolek
he played well, but will we ever see a big name win the wsop again or will it just be online junkies who spent 22 hours a day playing at ultimatebet. I'd like to see one of the Phils or MEn the master win 2005.
Just thought I would inform you that Greg is part of Team Pokerstars, not UltimateBet.

So is Chris Moneymaker and Joe Hachem.

Jamie Gold is part of Team Bodog.

I think someone needs to get their sites straight! lol


AceofSpader on December 21, 2006

with all tht money i hope he buys himself a decent pair of shades!

shaol on October 31, 2006

One of the top hold em players out there. If not for a PartyPoker player going all on a draw (Terrible, terrible play, obviosuly he was from partypoker) and not hitting on the river to cripple Raymer, Greg would have easily made the final table again in 2005 and most likely won it all.
Unlike Moneymaker before him and Hachem after him. Fossilman is the real deal!

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

Much better player than moneymaker

jarrel on July 25, 2006

Raymer has really earned my respect over time...but did you see his performance at the PPT at Foxwoods? Man, he made some really bad reads. Maybe he did what he did because it was a freeroll and just wanted to gamble. But I was shocked at the last hand he played (his Q8 vs. QQ). Why he didn't put his opponent on a big pocket pair is a little confusing. If I was in that spot, I probably would have put the guy on AA or KK! You could argue with me on this and say "oh, it's so much easier with the pocket cams to say that." But preflop his opponent made it very apparent he was STRONG. It could be sensed in his preflop limp-raise and his body language. On defense of Greg, when the flop came (Qh Xh Xh) he KNEW his opponent didn't have the flush, and he was right in that respect. However, even with a three flush on the board, it's pretty hard to move somone off when they have AA or KK...or in his opponents case, the set of Queens. Raymer made a ballsy play representing the flush in this situation and it busted him out. Sorry Greg, you could have just avoided that situation all together by NOT PLAYING Q8!

Soupjonz on July 21, 2006

Hee Haw, nice play Aaron, hee haw, you jackass.

Poker Deity on November 14, 2005

I am getting sick of everyone running down englishcat! Sure, he has a habit of dropping names...but wouldn't you, if you knew all of these players?? I know englishcat, and I can guarantee that his stories are true. What is so unbelievable about a great poker player knowing a bunch of other great poker players???? Keep the stories coming english, I, for one, want to know what these guys are REALLY like! Thanks.

cmillard on November 10, 2005

I am getting tired of everyone running down englishcat! He may drop names every once in a while.....but I know him personally, and I can guarantee you that his stories are true. What is so unbelievable about a great poker player knowing a lot of other great poker players??? Keep the stories coming english......I want to know what these players are REALLY like....and you should know!

cmillard on November 10, 2005

Raymer has replaced Harrington as the most accomplished
player in the history of the WSOP!.................All the other crap about Moss, Bronson, and all the others who beat
fields of less than 200....MEAN VERY LITTLE

????? on October 31, 2005

So I guess Kanter is the new Raymer, who was the new Moneymaker?

To Vegas Mike on September 7, 2005

I posted it on June 9th. Told you Raymer was a good, solid player and you'd see him late in the 2005 WSOP main event 25th out of 5,569 players is pretty god damn respectible. Unlike Moneymaker Raymer may get lucky but more often then not makes good reads, makes good bets and plays a very good game!

FossilMan on August 28, 2005

an agressive player who aint affraid to put his money in on a coin flip and has made 2 impressive runs i nthe main event

99. on August 27, 2005

Aaron Kanter's suck out ended a great run:(from Phil Helmuth)

Then, with 20 players remaining, a huge hand came up between Raymer and Aaron Kanter. With the blinds at $20,000-$40,000 and an ante of $5,000 a player, Raymer opened for $100,000 to go, with Kh-Ks. Kanter called the $100,000 with Qh-Jh, and the flop came down 6d-5s-3h. Raymer bet out $150,000, and, for some reason, Kanter called the bet. At this point not much good could happen for Kanter: he was sitting only 7 percent to win the pot, and a queen or a jack on the turn could encourage him to put all of his money into the pot with only five "outs," as an 8-to-1 underdog (39 losing cards against five winning cards).When the 7h came off on the turn, Raymer bet out $300,000, and Kanter made his move, raising it up $500,000 more ($800,000 total). Kanter was representing a straight, but Raymer wasn't going for it, sensing that Kanter forgot to pay attention to him. Suddenly, Raymer moved all-in, and now Kanter was forced to call the all-in bet of about $950,000 more. Kanter barely looked up at Raymer.Here's a tip: If you're going to make a bluff, you should give yourself a chance to read your opponent. If Kanter had figured out that Raymer was strong, he could have simply called the bet with his flush draw, or even better, folded his hand on the flop.In any case, Kanter was now a 41/2-to-1 underdog — he had eight "outs," to 36 winning cards for Raymer. For roughly $4 million, Kanter hit his flush when the 2h came on the river and went on to finish fourth. That was the end of Raymer (he did have a few chips left), but what a run he had. Last year, he beat 2,500 players, then almost 5,600 more this year. Wow!

Vegas Mike on August 26, 2005

Guys, Hate To Tell You, Greg Raymer Is A Very Very Good Poker Player. Makes Great Reads, Plays Exceptionaly Well, Doesnt Tilt. You Will See Alot Of This Guy, He Isnt Another Moneymaker Who Got Lucky, He Is Really Really Good, One Of The Best For Sure.

RAYMER FAN on August 23, 2005

Gimme a bag to put over his head, and I'd hit it. Twice.

Me. on August 23, 2005

this guy is F_____A____T. <-takes up space. He will die in 2 days from a heart attack. Lose Weight Fat Ass....

Unregistered on August 19, 2005

He finished 25th this year. Far better than any of you armchair quarterbacks did, or could do, I'm sure

Quitcherbitchen on August 17, 2005

Marina - it was misworded. I think he meant that the best poker players are fat. To reword your analogy, its like saying most (all) terrorists are muslim which is fair to say.

The Joker on August 16, 2005

You left your glasses at the International House of Pancakes again.

Angry Waiter on August 15, 2005

I thought I saw on the WSOP website that Greg Raymer placed 25th, not 35th, on the main even money finishers' list. Was I mistaken? In either case, I believe there were over 6,000 players for the main event this year, and the fact that Greg made it as far as he did seems to me like he knows what he's doing. Oh, and what does the comment "all fat people are good poker players" have to do with anything? That's like saying every single Middle Eastern is a Muslim, just because of where they're from or what they look like.

Marina on August 14, 2005

all fat people are good at poker

Unregistered on August 5, 2005

i swar to god u fucking people are unbelivable u guys always complain about shit "he just got lucky" i hate that shit get it thru your fucking mind poker is fucking luck you could have all the skill u want but with out a little bit of luck u cant win so stop saying he got lucky cuz u dont know what tha fuck your talking about

nick on July 30, 2005

if doyle brunson or phill hellmuth or ivey or any named pro won the WSOP with the same exact cards and the same exact way as ( i would ) they would be very skilled players who made correct reads but if u replace phil ivey with first last then he's is a lucky POS who didn't deserve to win everyone STFU if i won the WSOP for what ever reason it doesn't matter it's 5 mil plus and a bracelet next i'm gonna hear doyle isn't as skilled cause some of his braclets came with only 100 people in the tourney and not 1000 come on and by the way since raymer sux so much he went 1st in 04 and like 35th or something in 05 that is out lasting more people in 2 major tourneys that most people have done in their ENTIRE lives no break needs to be cut to him make fun of him or anyone else all you want but it will only matter when you have a bracelet and a few million dollars so until then keep paying your 10k until you have the braclet to start talking crap

the voice of reason on July 30, 2005

greg raymer finished in the top 20 but its still good.

JetsFan315 on July 25, 2005

All the fat fucks excel in poker, with the exception of Chris Moneymaker who just got lucky one year and since has done deadly squat except bust out with 7-2s.

Unregistered on July 24, 2005

you guys can go fuck your self greg ramyer finish in the top ten this year so shut the fuck up

Unregistered on July 24, 2005

"Posted by: carrythezero on Sep 15, 2004 - IP= Fossilman's glasses are up for sale for those looking to scare their opponents."

i checked his site and couldnt find them. but he said they r on there.

Unregistered on July 22, 2005

Hi my name is pocket 7s and i like to touch my mom. I can play poker really well and i play poker with barbie, scuba steve, and gumby. i wen all in with pocket aces against 3-9 and lost. damn that scubasteve!

pocket7s on July 22, 2005

Yeah im gettin kinda sick of cat too.

scotia on July 21, 2005

boys dont you know engish cat is just getting attention?? he gets a kick out of it. pretend it isnt even there. then he will stop.. i think its kinda funny myself. anyway, raymor showed all of us something more so this year then last becauce you know how hard it is to repeat. its gonna be fun to watch

loveland on July 19, 2005

how old are you, pretend hes not there

Unregistered on July 19, 2005

"Funner" is not a word you dumb limey bastard...

Chris Popovich on July 18, 2005

englishcat the guy wont go to england to eat McDonalds w/ u. hes from connecticut and he has a family there

Unregistered on July 17, 2005

Am i the only one here who just wants to HURT englishcat sooo bad. Pathological liar in every f'ing way. I am getting very sick and tired of all his BS personal stories with every poker pro.

"Oh he rang me up last night and i wished him well".. "We played heads up, i slowpayed KK and the flop came K K 6 and he went all-in and i busted him"

Honestly i wanna punch this lying scum unconscious.

Unregistered on July 17, 2005

im with the guy on jul 18 2005

Unregistered on July 17, 2005

Gregory rung me last night. Was happy with his showing, said it was funner this year, than winning it last year. We are going to grab a bite to eat at McDonalds when he comes over next. He has an endorsement deal with them pending. Cheerio Greg!

englishcat on July 16, 2005

ok englishcat after he won and became big now you know him all of a sudden

Unregistered on July 16, 2005

25TH 2005, Luck my ass. Greg ur the bomb. Hope to ever be on the same table as u. LOOK 4 THE NAME PAINTER....!!!!!!!!!!!!

PAINTER on July 14, 2005

if mike matusow wins he will have the last laugh at raymer

twhacker on July 14, 2005

25th now no one can say hes lucky. btw matosow came in 4th at the final table and was the first to leave. good, he pissies me off.

Unregistered on July 14, 2005

I had never met Greg until this year. I played with him for 11 hours in event #22 and I must say he is one of the nicest people I have met during my 19 years of tournament play. He has a simple strategy, if he thinks he can get you in a coin flip situation then he doesn't mind risking all his chips. This year is a testiment about his ability to play tournament NLH. He is no Moneymaker, he is for real. One of the best?.. nah, just willing to put the "best" all in.

KyFats on July 13, 2005

Raymer IS GOD

Unregistered on July 13, 2005

raymor is out. what a run. what a run. i cannot wait to watch it

loveland on July 13, 2005

raymor is not out hes in the top 5

Unregistered on July 13, 2005

Greg Raymer is one of the best players on planet earth. Look at the fields of people this fat man has destroyed 4500 players and this year in the top 5 in chips in a field of over 5500.Nice job fat man Raymer you are a GOD.

FATBOY on July 13, 2005

raymer is chipleader going into day 4....i think it is funny to read all of these posts that say he was a fluke...he is currently the only WSOP poker champion still left in the field...(for all of you very intelligent people, that means that moneymaker is no longer...what else is new)

Unregistered on July 11, 2005

i used to think this guy was a fat lucky fuck who should not of won the world series but i think he is now just a fat fuck who will again make it to the final table but lose heads up to phil ivey.

Unregistered on July 11, 2005

uhhh.....jsut so you know....Raymer is not the only former champion left in the maybe you're not one of those intelligent people you were speaking of...look up the name Russ Hamilton. 1994.

Jason on July 11, 2005

greg is a good player and maybe he will win this year

unregistered on July 11, 2005

The Man Is Playing Pressure Free Poker. He Is The Most Dangerous Player In The Field Left. When Raymor Has Chips, He Knows How To Close The Deal

LOVELAND on July 11, 2005

Pokerslim made a Blur reference. HA!

Poke-who? on July 11, 2005

with 9 players left until the money payouts, Raymer is currently among the the top 10 chip stacks heading into day 3.

raymer update at 2005 wsop on July 10, 2005

Rumor is he ate his prize money from 2004. I don't mean he bought food with it. I mean he just ate the cash.

Rumors on July 10, 2005

both rumors of raymer eating his money and him cheating r false. especially the cheating one. he is in 9th chip position of the main event this year. and he is no fluke, he obviously has skill, he not only won the WSOP but he made another final table this year and finished in i think 6th. he also made a british poker open final table. moneymaker is the fluke. all moneymaker has done since the WSOP was lose his money.

JetsFan315 on July 10, 2005

greg ramer is good and mabye wil get to the final table this year and moneymaker only won one tournament after he won the 2003 wsop and that was the blind man bluff

Unregistered on July 10, 2005

i won becauce im good

greg raymer on July 9, 2005

that was me

black sabbath on July 9, 2005

okay everyone we get that ur faggots and jealous of Raymer winning the 5 mil. Any player who outlasts 2500 players and plays just as aggressive as Greg deserves to be considered a poker great. So stop righting all that shit about his wife and him.

Unregistered on July 6, 2005

He wasn't that lucky - he lost with AA - luck balanced out. Losing with bullets is just wrong

Val on July 5, 2005

He is the real deal. He won a triple draw tourney at B.a.r.g.e. (the charity one). Therefore, we know that he has some skill.

poquey on July 4, 2005

Just back from Vegas, rumor is Raymer was caught cheating in a WSOP event and is now barred from future events. Anyone hear the details, or is this just a bad rumor?

Itchy on July 4, 2005

He hid a card between his chins.

eye in the sky on July 4, 2005

Seems like a nice guy I guess. Not really an ambassador for the game though and I don't think we'll see him back at the final table again. Get rid of those glasses though Greg they're stupid.

James on July 3, 2005

i have been reading alot of the messages hear a few people have been saying that he won 5 million dollars in the 2003 WSOP that part is true but after paying his backers and taxes and that kind of stuff he only had 1.7 million left.

Vash on June 29, 2005

I'd like to become a member of th DD haters club.

Observer on June 27, 2005

I saw a website that stated greg raymer's total winnings were 26 million any truth to that someone said it was posted right after the tourney

dan on June 27, 2005

That was funny.

lol on June 24, 2005

You guys need to calm down. My husband is at another final table today with the chip lead. He will win his 2nd bracelet today and I can't wait to go shopping! And his arteries are not that clogged. His blood pressure is only 115/75 with a pule of 65. He's in peak physical condition. He can run a 4:20 mile. He also runs a 4.3 40-yard dash with me on his back "Piggy style". - Karen

Fossilman's wife on June 23, 2005

I am starting a Dirk Diggler Haters Club, how many of you would like to join??

BNB on June 16, 2005

I am in that club! We all hate Dirk!

Spanky on June 16, 2005

To all the people talking crap on here let me ask you dumb asses something have any of u idiots won 5 million dollars greg raymer did and he beat some of the best poker players in the world today and all time I mean yes he was lucky but u would have to be I mean u can no everything about poker but in the end it is how the cards fall for you.

josh/jc21/zenmasterclark on June 15, 2005

He either raises the BB or folds, and he only checks in very very rare situations.a very very odd strategy, but apparently it worked?

Scott on June 10, 2005

Actually a very good, smart player. You'll see him late in the 2005 WSOP main event.

Unregistered on June 8, 2005

Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer are excellent role models to the poker community. They have class and skill and are feared by most of all the top poker players today. They even are famous for their wins at the WSOP and have their website which you see on TV everyday. I feel that all you should respect them and admire their true ability to play cards at such a high caliber. I lso feel that they should have a signing session iwth Greg and Chris before every major tournament. Chris and Greg are NOT lucky...they are extremely skilled.....

pig on June 8, 2005

If Josh Arieh ever said shit about me like he said about Raymer, I would've snapped his scrawney ass is two.

Unregistered on June 8, 2005

I think he should allot some of his money for bariatric surgery. That gutlord needs to cut down on his porklife and get some exercise.

Pokerslim on June 7, 2005

Greg Raymer played the best poker of his life for seven grueling days at the 2004 main event. Yes, he got lucky, but who wins a tournament of nearly 2,600players without winning coinflips and catching lucky river cards. All of you who say he sucks are just jealous, and should give him credit for his win. You guys can call him fat ass and lucky all you want, but in the end he's the one with the golden bracelet and $5 million in cash!

dm6187 on June 6, 2005

Raymer was lucky to even be in the top 50...he draw out a flush and was all in against matusow who made a great read to call him with middle pair and raymer drew out to his flush..he's lucky trash just like Moneymaker...maybe a poker pro will win this year...but as the field will be another record breaker I highly doubt that happening.

Mike on June 3, 2005

I think you guys should stop making fun of fat people! It isn't funny anymore!

Chubby Wubby on May 24, 2005

I work at a drug store in Vegas, and I know for a fact that Raymer spent the majority of the $5 million on Desitin to stop the chaffing between his fat legs!

Bad News Bill on May 24, 2005

He had to give away about 80% of his WSOP earnings to his shareholders. What a dumbass.

Mike on May 15, 2005

Yes I see a disturbing trend in the WSOP. It seems that a fat ass wins every year. Robert Varkoni, Chris Moneymaker, Raymer won the last three years. That is why my pick for '05 is either Doyle Brunson or Tomer Benvenisti. Go to Vegas or a sports book and lay down $20 on those two. You wont be disappointed.

handicapping the WSOP on May 5, 2005

Lets face luck does play a role, but I feel a good player must know how to play marginal hands as well as position to make the most of his game. Although it does become a disappointment when someone out draws you on the river.

Unregistered on May 3, 2005

This guy is another fat ass fucker who got lucky, im glad to see new people winning the WSOP, but stupid fat people

Math on May 1, 2005

I have never seen this guy in a tournament. Greg who?? Anyway he is very sexy at least.

loser on April 30, 2005

raymer is a good player (a crapload better than $maker and varkonyi) and a nice guy it seems, but dosent he seem like kind of a dweeb with his fossils, glasses and high voice? is it just me or what?

fossilMAN on April 9, 2005

He's better than the average amateur and is brilliant at using bullying the small stacks, but he plays too many hands where he must know he's beat. He was clearly outplayed by Matusow and doesn't seem capable of winning without being very lucky. This guy is such a fluke, the only other time I'll ever see this guy on TV again will be for an erectile dysfunction commercial.

Raymer is Overrated on April 8, 2005

I don't think he's just lucky, but if he doesn't make another final table at a major tournament I may change my mind. At least moneymaker made a final table in a WPT event (and could have easily won that last three way hand).

Vegas Mike on April 2, 2005

Hey, those glasses is his signature. It brings more color to the game. Poker couldn't be boring enough with everyone just gawking at their cards, not saying a word. Besides, it builds his character.

roger on March 29, 2005


Crawl on March 23, 2005

moneymaker and raymer both suck, they got lucky to win the WSOP and any game they ever play in

ghood666 on March 9, 2005

mm is WAY better than raymer. raymner has about as much skill as a fossil.

iveyfan05 on March 7, 2005

are you kidding me raymer is hella better than moneymaker

ZAM on March 4, 2005

Great player, knows how to bluff and isn't afraid to push all in. Keep up the good work Greg and I will see you next year at the series.

Layne Flack on March 1, 2005

of all the people who deserved to win 5mil it went to a dork who eats a stick of butter for breakfast how fucked up

vampyre on February 28, 2005

lol i just noticed this site posts ppls ips i hope i dont piss some hacker off...what a dumb thing 4 a site 2 do

vampyre on February 28, 2005

sorry thats right williams...i stand corrected

tom on February 28, 2005

Sammy I have to agree with you. David Wilson played his hand wrong. I mean he didn't figure Raymer for a small wired pair...and when the 3rd deuce dropped I would be considering letting it go...the guy could have had quads...rare but it's possible...anyway he should have waited for abetter opportunity to strike at him...its not like he was short stacked he what $8 million in chips just to double up once would have put him in the lead..

tom on February 27, 2005

david wilson? u mean david williams..

iveyfan05 on February 27, 2005

hey greg, you are even fatter than that dumb fuck moneymaker! but you are better poker player than him. But still you are fatter than him, and i bet you have a smaller cock than moneymaker too.

sammy the brick on February 25, 2005

university at buffalo

Unregistered on February 24, 2005

Where did Raymer go to college?

poker job on February 21, 2005

get in my belly! i;m sorry that was wrong.

grey the thug iszzle on February 20, 2005

Raymer is solid. Nuff said. Way to go Fossilman

kgb1986 on February 17, 2005

James I think he said something to the effect of" Beat this fat fuck"

Dan on February 16, 2005

i am greg. thank you for your nice comments, I am the greatest, and did you know that I ate over $1,000,000 in poker chips that day i won, i was getting hungry, and they looked like potato chips. Oh well, i am not greg obviously, but does anyone know any sites you can buy those glasses besides having to bvid on them like Ebay? please respond if you know, thank you!! out!!

Greg Raymer on February 11, 2005

I like Greg...he is an example of how anyone can win the series. He also has class!!! Yes I agree it does take to win, but you were in his shoes do really think he would care what any of us are saying. Great job Greg!! And I wish all the best in future tournaments...thanks for being a roll model.By the way does anyone know where I can get a vat of "pigstew"

Dan on February 10, 2005

I think Greg and Mike the mouth should have a picnic together and then Greg can sit on Mike. Or better yet each of them can rub each down in hot baby oil...and wrestle at Binions.

Meg on February 10, 2005

he is an alright poker player

Unregistered on February 10, 2005

Greg, you missed your 2pm appointment again.We've been informed you were spotted at McDonalds eating the guy behind the register.

Weight Watchers on February 9, 2005

He is a THUG!

Luke on February 8, 2005

He is a lucky, who should of never won the main event. He won more coin flips at the final table than i have won in my life.

Greg is Gay on February 8, 2005

Need to make contact with greg raymer I have Fossils for salev hudson [email][/email] help to pass this on to him would be appreciated

Verg Hudson on February 7, 2005

Raymer is a lowlife loser who got extremely lucky to win. He has no skill whatsoever.

jimmie on February 6, 2005

Jimmie, you are a low life loser.

Unregistered on February 6, 2005

anyone know what it was josh arieh said abut raymer after he busted him at the final table to david williams?

james on February 6, 2005

Good player, too bad those glasses make him look like a clown and take away from his game.

Mark the Master on February 2, 2005

Yes, Raymer won most coin flips they showed on ESPN. But there were hundreds of hands not shown....of course they are gonna show those key coin flip hands, that's good tv. Greg is a very good player and a great poker "thinker". He is highly respected on the 2Plus2 poker forums and has been for a long time, before he won the WSOP. I definitely expect to see him do well in the future.

Dirsan on January 31, 2005

Great WSOP David Williams, but a stupid call with a low pair boat. Great Play Greg Raymer!

Henry on January 23, 2005

It was a good call. If you have a full house head to head, you have to go with it. It's the slightly worse hands that kill you in a tourney.

Unregistered on January 23, 2005

I agree with the posters who realize Fossilman is a solid player...when the old school pros luck out and catch a hand, they seem to act like it was all skill..Poker is a competition, it sure as hell is not a sport...Luck plays a part, but Raymer has been playing high stakes at Foxwoods for years...He knows how to play,,,

Reno Bob on January 23, 2005

Well, he fought them off for a minute or 2, then security scared them away. But yeah, they diddn't take any money from him.

Unregistered on January 18, 2005

I Have read some people on this board inadvertantly suggest that Raymer doesn't deserve it because of luck. Luck is an intricate part of the game. The other day I called a "jackal" type players all-in with ace queen of diamonds. You know what he had? 4-6 offsuit. He ended up winning with a pair of fours. Strategy will get you in the to 100. Luck will get you to the final table. Fate determins the winner. (raymor called the allin in the tournament of champions because he read that his opponenthad a low pair in which case he had two over cards which would have been the same as having ace king and 8 9 has more possible straits than ace king. It was a nice read. Best luck to fossilman

Have to be in it to win it on January 17, 2005

In addition Raymer was held up outside of a high stikes casino. Instead of forking over the cash he beat the living crap out of one of the theives and the other one ran away like the dutch boyd that he is. Can you say bad a*s. If you dont beleive me go to google and search raymer and one of the things is the article about this in the paper

have to be in it win it on January 17, 2005

greg played well..true he won 99% of the races he was in, and yes he get a lot lucky in doing so..but in order to beat 4000 ppl u need to get a little lucky sometimes...i dont see him doing a whole lot after this...hes a good player, but i think moneymaker is better than him...and we will hear more ambout moneymaker in the for greg i wish him all the best , but i doubt we will see much of him

iveyfan05 on January 6, 2005

Those Sunglassses cost 5 million now :D

VeNoM2584 on January 5, 2005

anybody who got to the final table is a talented player. i just hate those glasses. theyre not cool. they make him look he needs them to win. greg, ure not 6 years old...drop the silly shades and just'll do fine.

gopherkid16 on January 5, 2005

He's nothing near the greatest player in the world, but he's a damn good player, and is by far the best of the recent amateurs and semi-pros to have won the WSOP Main Event. Let me put it this way...I wouldn't be shocked to see him win another bracelet or 2 at the WSOP (albeit probably not in the Main Event), whereas Moneymaker and Varkonyi's bracelet counts are 99.9% certain to remain at 1 apiece for eternity. I also wouldn't be shocked to see Raymer at least make another final table in the Big One (again, Moneymaker and Varkonyi will never even sniff that company again), since he is a very solid player. Basically a Sklansky disciple with enough sense to loosen up just enough at times to get some action. He looked horrible in the Tournament of Champions, but he was out of his league there. He'll have (and obviously has had) better days, and at the very least he's going to be a competent and profitable member of the tournament circuit for years to come.

cognito20 on January 5, 2005

Greg did well. I'm sure if I got his luck I still wouldn't have won.However, I do find it amusing how people diss Moneymaker. Based on what I saw of last years tourney he played just as well and perhaps better than Greg Raymer. He also finished second in another tourney several months later, and did well in PL Omaha this past WSOP.Let's give the guy a few years to again make the money at the WSOP before calling him a bust. If he shows up sober this year he has a chance.

DavidduFresne on December 31, 2004

I heard that a couple of guys tried to mug him in a casino hotel, but he fought them off until security arrived.

Unregistered on December 29, 2004

yea he went AI on them. Good work Gregory

Unregistered on December 29, 2004

raymer is a very aggressive player that plays his hands well and could make it to the final table any year

Unregistered on December 29, 2004

he got lucky as hell to win all the races he won. anyone can win if they win every fucking race they're in. he got lucky, that's it.

lucky on December 29, 2004

Greg won so many races he knows it all you ppl know it just reminding you guys GREG you suck

Jali on December 28, 2004

No one can say this guy sucks for no one can win and suck but he did get really lucky. I know everyone gets lucky but theirs a big difference between getting luck when you have QQ against KK then when you call off all your money with 99s and bust 10s. Thats the kind of poker Raymer played at times so no one can say that Raymer played mistake free poker. He just didnt get charged for his mistakes.

td8118 on December 28, 2004


Unregistered on December 27, 2004

I agree with you completly bigbollox!

Unregistered on December 26, 2004

there this losers goes again but whatever, this site for posting your opinion about the player not the poster

pocket7s on December 22, 2004

emerging player lol i think he may have just emerged fully considering he no1 all time money list and yeh all the personal comments about him and his family prove what a small minded bunch of ignorances u saying that dont think he is a worldclass player but he done it on the day and showed tremendous nerve.

bigbollox on December 22, 2004

yah I just beat scuba steve in the worlds biggest cash game

pocket7s on December 22, 2004

Greg, can I rub your belly for luck

sammy the brick on December 19, 2004

greg is a crap player but still better than me. I love his big tummy and odd shaped head

flush80 on December 17, 2004

im 17 years old and i fantasize about playing in big cash games with the best players in the world like Ted Forrest and Dan Negreanu. But in reality Im only playing with my mummy and my daddy who let me win because I suck.

pocket7s on December 17, 2004

Yeah, you do pocket7s. Oh, I think Hellmuth is a dousche, but he is a great player. He just lacks sportsmanship, that's all.

Unregistered on December 17, 2004

hey who ever keeps on posting as me, get a life its real hard to talk trash over the internet isnt it when in real life you wouldnt have nothing to say this site is not to talk shit about other posters anyway are you dumb

pocket7s on December 9, 2004

all the hellmuth haters all i have to say is 9 WSOP titles...thats the best defense of phil there is...i know hes not such a fan favorite,but i gurantee every pro respects him and yes the do fear him..

djnpa_30 on December 8, 2004

Just seen espn re run of wsop 04,this guy is definetly the best in the world.

jack hensley on December 7, 2004

Hellmuth is a dousche and he should retire from poker with his previous WSOP winnings before he goes broke and has to wait tables for a living.

Chad on December 7, 2004

Oh, yeah, this is Raymer's page, my bad.

Chad on December 7, 2004

where can I buy a pair of glasses like that?

Dpatt69 on December 3, 2004

LOL! Good one, djnpa!

Unregistered on December 2, 2004

emerging player but gets in a hell of a lot of coinflips

brill on December 2, 2004

He did a good deal of bad calls, but he was polite all the way through. Who gives a S**T about him being fat, ain´t gonna make love to him or??Good solid player, but hardly anyone that wil lstay long on the tour, a come and goer...

Eric sweden on December 1, 2004

Well, in a 7 cent buy in, I beat G.I. Joe, Barbie, Ken, and Scuba Steve. But, I lost to the good luck Care Bear. I'm a professional.

pocket7s on November 30, 2004

this just in . . . pocket 7s gets swallowed in an unfortunate buffet accident by raymer...

djnpa_30 on November 30, 2004

Well, I guess they call you abhorrent for a reason. Keep in mind that anyone who wins the WSOP has to be lucky with hundreds to thousands of people playing. He played well. He was incredibly lucky at the final table though, but that's poker.

Unregistered on November 28, 2004

he did make alot of bad cals in the tourn of champions i will agree with that..but once again saying he sucks is a bit much..head to head he would make u his b__ch in minutes..any good poker player needs to get a little lucky in tournament play..ask any pro..oh wait u cant , u have never played in a real casino before youre poker knowledge is strictly based on espn ,,get out and play then try to talk smack

djnpa_30 on November 28, 2004

I suck. A lot.

pocket7s on November 28, 2004

I thought Raymer was the best player to win the main event since Mortensen. The glasses were a bit much but he played his big stack to perfection and got to retire to play cards all day. Sounds good to me!

Rob on November 27, 2004

this guy yeah hes ok i know this guy that is proabably the best poker player in the world but he doesnt get any recognition hes got a poker face of a champiopn hes just really really good just remember the T-REV!!! :)

THEREALFOSSILMAN on November 26, 2004

yeah therealfossilman i know who youte talking about hes out of new mexico..yeah hes a bad ass poker player..ill give you that but he needs to get some recognition and get out there!!!!!!

thebigcahoona on November 26, 2004

sammy whats up with youre name man the brick lol thats the gayest name ive ever heard

St.Louis "T" on November 26, 2004

Raymer Sucks And Is A Hog. His Wife Looks Like A Swine. He Is Not Good, Just Lucky. Did You See Him In The Tourn. Of Champions? 89 Suited Calls All Ins. 89 Off Calls All In'sridiculous. Where Did They Get A Braelet That Big? Looks Like A Wrestling Belt To Me. Oink Oink Piggy Piggy.

ABHORRENT1 on November 26, 2004

Is pocket7s just another loser like Sammy the Brick? YES! However, he's not even old enough to play. Probably still attached to his mother's teet.

Unregistered on November 25, 2004

bro firstof all now pro is gonna play with a 16 or 17 yr old ..youir idea of big money is a value meal at taco bell..that being said raymer had a great wsop..he was a gentleman and a joy to watch..he did get very lucky on a few of the heads up races , i do think that if he had to face action dan head for the 5 mill i think action dan would hve gotten the better of him..but it doesnt matter he won and congrats buffetboy,,u deserved it

djnpa_30 on November 25, 2004

what a fag your not the real pocket7s so dont try to be you dont have the skills to be me nor the money or good looks internet nerd

pocket7s on November 24, 2004

oh and now im 17 mother f*ckers almost able to play in the poker rooms but i like cash games alot so ill keep playing in those games

pocket7s on November 24, 2004

Guys, I admit that I really don't play any big games at all but I wish I did. I just watch the WSOP videos all the time and like to pretend I'm playing with the pros. At times I go on internet message boards and brag about my imaginary games.

pocket7s on November 21, 2004

My nickname is stick stickly and i am the man. i CAN BEAT GREG RAYMER with my eyes closed. hahahaahha

Stick Stickly on November 18, 2004

Kudos to you, Greg. Anyone with any sense knows it takes luck and a whole lot of skill to win a WSOP. It seems being a poker champion has gotten some of these second-graders upset. I know you can handle it, I'm just sorry you have to. Best wishes to you and your wife. I think the glasses are funny and were an ingenious idea. If you are looking for a prodigy to train, I'm there.Lana

anglfish/heigert on November 18, 2004

Fuck off everyone. Raymer is god and his glasses rule. He is a master of the percentages, luck had nothing to do with it at all, pure skill knowing when to play and when to chill out. Keep sucking your own dicks and playing your 7-2 offsuits.

Raymer is God on November 17, 2004

I Played In A Tourny With Greg At Foxwoods And He Kept Bring Hot Dogs To The Table And Getting Mustard All Over The Cards And When The Dealer Said Something He Ate The Dealer And The Cards And His Chips So He Was Out Of The Tourny Really Quick

AMIR FREDU on November 16, 2004

It amazes me how much bitter jealousy and ignorance there is on this site. SOME of you people watch a few hours of ESPN and feel you have a perfect read on this guy. Yes, the glasses are goofy. But, Raymer does know what he is doing when he plays and like every other WSOP winner (or any tournament winner for that matter) got some great hands. If those of you who criticize him really play the game, you need to understand that luck is an element. Was Raymer the best player at the WSOP this year? No way. But that doesn't matter in tournament poker. What does matter is that Raymer knew how to manage his chips, too advantage of his good fortune re. cards and played solid throughout. I'll buy into the critics of Moneymaker since he did nothing before the 2003 WSOP, or since. But you guys are way off target with Raymer.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

Saw him yesterday at WPT event at foxwoods he was out of the tourney real quick one of the first people out.

big joon on November 13, 2004

This guy got lucky almost every hand he was losing and that is why he won the Main Event. If you pay attention to the tourney's he entered since, you will see that he hasn't made it into the $ or won any tourneys. He is a one hit wonder and will prob. die of a heart attack from eating all the food he can buy with his $5 mil. Maybe he should take out a loan and don't pay the loan shark, so he will lose some weight from running away. What a dumb ass. He could have taken out a $10 grand loan and kept his winnings rather than lose half of it to a loan shark. What an idiot! Him and his fat wife should spend all his winnings in a year on food, if they dun die from heart attacks first!Oh... n by the way pocket 7's.... why would the pros be playing a 16 year old. It's obvious you a liar n loser!

Jesse/ "Meng The Master" on November 11, 2004

Oh, so you mean he's a DICK? I think that's what you meant. True, he even said that he is a tight player. Which really means that he's a dumbass that just gets lucky and doesn't know how or when to bluff.

Unregistered on November 9, 2004

I agree he had such a huge stack that the end result was what I and everyone expected. Though had I played him heads up I would have at least tried to chip away at his chips some not go all in on the under full like that idiot did. and I would have played tighter even heads up because any aggression would have been called or he would have forced him all in. I would have played the 20 hands and aces and of course pocket pairs aggressivly because I would go all in if pushed with them being that short anyway he is no beginner in the WSOP he's been their before and he's not a bad player. I know I've had streaks where i'm a huge chip leader and I just play marginal hands like KJ offsuit and put the shorties all in because I have the lead and I need to either steal pots of get lucky if i lose i lose very little.

Sammy the Brick on November 7, 2004

whats wrong with being fat this is america we invented fat...

Unregistered on November 6, 2004

Let's start with the fact that being fat is unhealthy, unattractive, and unappealing. And America didn't invent fat, it's been around any country with abundance for millennia. I really hate it when people talk about America, and Americans as if we're the only fat people in the world, HE GENIUSES CHINA ENGLAND AND ITALY ALL HAVE A HIGHER PERCENTAGE OF FATTIES THAN WE DO!!!

Sammy the Brick on November 6, 2004

just becuase I know you'll call me on it, it was HEY not HE

Sammy the Brick on November 6, 2004

Bottom line that even Raymer himself stated that he was lucky. He did not deserve a lot of those hands and I have never seen someone get so lucky on AQ over and over and over.Good player NOT great. The cards came his way and he played them to the max. Even started making dumb bets and then getting lucky. Note how once he secured his position, he played conservative and kept the lead. Not some shmuck but a good player who had one of the best streaks of luck ever. The end wasnt even exciting cause he just got too lucky.

Art/Hydroblunt/mekrox on November 6, 2004

two fat people won the main event back to back its just not right

hey on November 5, 2004

Raymer seems like a nice enough guy, I was hoping he'd bust Mattasou, and he did, but those glasses make him look like a dick. He also has to stop calling himself fossilman as if it were a cool nickname. I use my lamo name because I earned it, I'm a tight player and started getting called the brick I use my name here as sort of a joke, this guy is sooo serious about his name it's rediculous. I love when he introduced himself as fossileman and that kid didn't know what the hell he was saying. Whatever happened to guys named doc, Slim, as in Amarillo, or guys named after a city, now those are cool names. Kootos to Miami John Cernuto.

Sammy the Brick on November 4, 2004

Yes, Raymer was incredibly lucky at the WSOP. But who wouldn't have to be to win the WSOP?! He is a great player who happened to get lucky at the same time.

Chad on November 2, 2004

Loose those stupid glasses!!!!!

NG. on November 2, 2004

I think Greg is a nice guy. You could tell just by watching him on tv.

Whitey on October 31, 2004

at the final table Raymer got so fuckin lucky its unbeleivable. geez you dont need a pro to put the same amount of chips in the pot and out draw your opponents. Sure the guy knows how to play but so does every other 16 year old in the United States. The guy needs to learn a lot more. He got very lucky. Dont worry people Hellmuth, Lederer, or Brunson has got 2005!

Raymer sucks on October 20, 2004

shut up raymer is the man any one who can go out and win 5 million dollars is good at poker u need more than luck to win that much money out of 2500 ppl so what the guys fat hes good at poker isnt he and i promise he could beat you ne day stfu

rounderAA on October 19, 2004

a;ldskfj, this is why nobody likes your ass right there you have nothing better to do but rip on people now even though sometimes i disagree with pocket7s sometimes, he doesnt suck at poker i played with him

thepokergods on October 16, 2004

i think he is a great poker player, i ordered a pair of his glasses and was told there was a law suit pending , I am still waiting to get my money returned to me , A lot of people may say he's ugly, we i think he's cute as hell and has a lot on the ball.

tbroomhilda on October 10, 2004

Yes this guy had a lot of luck. As someone else pointed out... Making the final table requires at least some luck. But he was very aggressive and won a lot of hands when he was behind simply because he was willing to risk all of his chips. In the TOC he was definitely on tilt and should have quit calling all of Annie's all-ins. The glasses are a bit silly, but wouldn't bother me none. I do find it strange for a 35 year old man to be asking people to call him Fossil Man.

Tbone on October 9, 2004

kiddie poker, ive played with the likes of ted forrest, dave devilfish ulliot, daniel negreanu so kiddie poker not quite, i play in some of the bigger games, so whatever

pocket7s on September 27, 2004

16.....LMAO.....16....pocket7s, that explains it. I got a deck of cards older than you...16 yo...LOL. Why don't you and your "big money" bum a ride off your Mom and go buy a slurpee...

Pokrstudent on September 26, 2004

i dont need to bum a ride of my mom faggot you know the pathetic thing is you think age matters in poker it doesnt you can play poker and get better at it but some people were just born with great poker instinct and by the way i wonder what kind a games you play im sure there not big money either so get off my back alright oh and by the way 100,000 dollars in one night is big money bet you werent makin that kind of money when you 16 so i do play for big money

pocket7s on September 26, 2004

7s -- 1st off it was ' bum a ride "OFF" your Mom' not OF...what a fucking moron...Oh and by the way here's a hint, the Freeplay on that or or wherever the hell you pretend to play doesn't count. Go back to playing with your dolls and stop pretending like you know what you're talking about!!! DWY

Pokrstudent on September 26, 2004

7s.. i would bust u on the first hand u played boy

pocket9s on September 25, 2004

Oh, come on. Greg was lucky. No doubt a solid player as well. But thats what it takes to win against 2500 people. I doubt any amount of skill can overcome those odds. But the really amazing thing was "Action" Dan Harrington coming in 4th after coming in 3rd in '03. Now, that is a feat.

BillyBob on September 24, 2004

man pokerstudent your the asshole your the the who needs to s.t.f.u im only 16 and im already winning big money in poker and if i got to sit down at a table with this im pretty sure i could bust himbut since im 16 i cant "walk the walk" at the wsop or i would

pocket7s on September 24, 2004

To all the assholes (especially pocket7s):Talk-the-talk, AFTER walking-the-walk...until then S.T.F.U.

Pokrstudent on September 23, 2004

did yall know that he was backed by some loan sharks and only got 35 % of the 5 million

Ugly Stick on September 21, 2004

If any of you knew any thing other than on-line wimpy poker, you would have realized his skill. Of course theres luck, everyone has to have some, but it's the skill that eliminates the men from the wimpy on-line boys.......

Moe on September 19, 2004

What type of crystals was gre wearing on the final table???

chayden247 on September 18, 2004

well i know he was lucky alot but i really dont know how good he is but he probably spent the 5 million with his fat wife at ihop

pocket7s on September 16, 2004

Fossilman's glasses are up for sale for those looking to scare their opponents. [url][/url]

carrythezero on September 14, 2004

After watching this guy on TV, I must say that although he doesn't have the appeal of Dutch Boyd, mystique of Brunson, respect like John Chan, or the appeal of some other players.....Raymer is a class act. And even though he took out sooooooooooooooooo many players at the 2004 WSOP. He did it in class with words of encouragment and a handshake.*Cheers goes to Raymer* Even though I was rooting for David Williams.

Ken. on September 14, 2004

Greg Raymer was my fraternity brother. His nickname in college was Rambo!! Greg was a good guy in college, and very smart.

Shakin Joe on September 12, 2004

$5,000,000. 'Nuff said. U idiots r gonna knock urselves if u win the world title so shut up. DBD likes the fossilman, $$$maker & any1 who runs the table & wins a world title. U morons gonna take shots @ DBD when I win the world title &$ 10,000,000 next year? Wouldn't shock me or surprise me.

DaddyBigDawg on September 12, 2004

Stop whining. Good lord this is really getting silly. Do you homework and mathmatics folks. No matter how great a professional is when the field is at 2000+ players the degree of luck to make the final table increases quite significantly. There. Now you know why it is difficult for ANYONE to win the WSOP with a field that large. It's the SIZE OF THE FIELD that determines the chances of good players making that final table. The smaller the field at any even. The better chance the better players have of making it. It's really simple. Basic statistics. You can buy a book at borders and do the mathmatics yourself. However, you shouldn't have to. Use some common sense. Stop whining. The professionals will still win most tournaments with 500 or less players but online players and players in general are getting skilled much more quickly with the advent of the computer and internet gaming. Get over it. It doesen't take years of experience to get good at NL HOldem. You just need a willing student that will devour any knowledge they can get there hands on. You guys are making this way to complex for your own good.

pokerface on September 2, 2004

give me 5 million and u can make fun of me all u want

smash on September 2, 2004

last year when moneymaker won it, everyone was gettin down on him just cuz they're jealous. now this guy wins it and everyones ...jealous of course, grow up you poker noobs. and his glasses are sweet

Dyreekio on September 2, 2004

I played against Greg raymer in Foxwoods on the unlimited pot Limit table about a year ago. He is friendly, polite, courteous and an Excellent Player. I spoke with him about some of his Biotech patent deals that he was part of and I took a few nice pots from him too : ). He wasnt a big name then like he is now. On Tv he was the same perfect gentlemen and he is as good as any player out there.

Mike/X/gmat00 on August 30, 2004

haaaaaaaaaaa bunch of whiney loserz c'mon he won 5 million your just mad cuz u can't beat your mom with dimes and quarters hahahahahah hes living easy now

handz on August 23, 2004

who knew freeroll quality players could win. Greg Raymer Sucks If I Hit A 2 Outer 50 Times In A Tourney Like Lim I Would Of Won The WSOP. I've Read About Some Of His Key Hands And Online Freeroll Players Do The Same..But Congrats. I Heard HungryMan Is Making Him The New Spokesman Try Some Stacker2 Buddy.

Unregistered on August 1, 2004

Most of these posts just go to show how many kids have taken an interest in poker!

Unregistered on July 8, 2004

Greg those are poker chips not potato chips. Dont eat them!!!

Scotty2Hotty on July 6, 2004

Half of the 5 mill belongs to his backers. He himself made that statement 24 hours after his win.

splat on July 2, 2004

seriously, this dude did his homework. another sklansky clone who did it by reading, not instinct.

sportsbettor on June 28, 2004

Nice they make a MANS version of your shades?

Unregistered on June 22, 2004

he played well, but will we ever see a big name win the wsop again or will it just be online junkies who spent 22 hours a day playing at ultimatebet. I'd like to see one of the Phils or MEn the master win 2005.

krolek on June 20, 2004

Stupid glasses...grow up!

jon on June 16, 2004

Obviously he's a good player, and even admitted he got lucky. You have to get lucky...a win the WSOP. Greg played a great tourney and the cards fell for him. Congrats!

Raiden_Fox on June 6, 2004

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