Horse Betting Books

Here is a list of some of the most highly-rated horse betting books on the market today.


In this engaging book, the author narrates a season at Boston's Suffolk Downs racetrack. The author tells the stories of hard-luck horses and eccentric jockeys, gambling scandals and betting strategies. He bases his observations on his unrivaled access to the inner workings of the racetrack world. Any horse racing aficionado will want to pick this up.

This book is a thorough study of the Thoroughbred horse-racing industry, which, over the past century, has grown into a billion-dollar business.

In this well-researched and highly-recommended book, Journalist Ann Hagedorn Auerbach chronicles the history and ultimate destruction of of Calumet, one of the most famous horseracing stables in the world.

Author Steven Crist details his life working at various jobs within the horse racing industry and shares his many insights about the inner workings of the industry.

Psychology of the Horse Player

This book details the qualities of mind that are needed in order to prevail as a professional gambler at the Thoroughbred racetracks, including: good control, steel discipline, and presence of mind when the pressure is on.

This book, written by a research psychologist, is an easy-to-read primer on the psychology of handicapping in thoroughbred horse racing. It covers essential topics like how individual bettors make their decisions and how the crowd makes its decisions.

Horse Betting

This easy-to-understand guide shows first-time visitors to the track how to enjoy the sport of horse racing-and how to make smart bets. It explains what goes on at the track, what to look for in horses and jockeys, how to read a racing form and do simple handicapping, and how to manage betting funds and make wagers that stand a good chance of paying off.

Handicapping was forever changed by the use of speed figures - and it all started with Andrew Beyer's Picking Winners. This edition of the book features a new foreword in which the author discusses the changes that have swept through the sport since the book's original publication. Picking Winners remains a classic in the field of thoroughbred racing.

Handicapping 101 gives both the novice and seasoned bettor the handicapping foundation required to succeed. This edition includes a new chapter on synthetic racing surfaces, updated and current past performances and charts, an index for easier reference.

This advanced guide to handicapping, written by popular author Andrew Beyer, points out many important factors that the horse racing public does not consider.

This book is a comprehensive guide to newest and wildest wagers. It explains how these new wagers work, which ones are best for different types of players, and how the new bets have changed what it means to be a successful horseplayer.

In this book, Beyer shows the handicapper how to make his Beyer Speed Figures the focal point of a wagering strategy by relating speed figures to pace, track bias, and track conditions. The book includes a new preface by the author, focusing on the role of simulcasting and the Internet in modern-day handicapping.

The original "The Best of Thoroughbred Handicapping" was a colection of the theories, ideas and trends written by the great handicappers and creative minds of the game. This new edition adds some new material by new authors.

This book is an excellent place for a new horseplayer to start, even though it is a bit dated. It provides a solid foundation of knowledge about a wide range of topics relating to the fundamentals of handicapping. The insights contained in this book will put the player way ahead of other novice handicappers.,/p>

This revised edition - bigger and better than Litfin's original 1995 publication - helps teaches today's handicapper all of today's modern betting techniques.

Totally revised and expanded, this book explores the "art" of handicapping by teaching different concepts that you need to include in your own handicapping process.

In The Winning Horseplayer, Andrew Beyer builds on the strategy of speed handicapping through a combination of case studies and lively anecdotes. This advanced guide to handicapping includes a new preface by the author.

Beyer Speed Figures introduced horseplayers to a new tool to use in their day-to-day handicapping. Learn what Beyer Speed Figures are, how they consistently point to the fastest horses in each race, and how to apply them correctly to produce winnings.

This book teaches the handicapper how to wager and win with the new synthetic racing surfaces, which the author examines in detail with research and statistical data.

Nine well-known handicappers each contribute a chapter based on their area of specialty. This book is an excellent primer for new players who want to learn handicapping theories.

Many of the authors from the first edition of "Bet With The Best" have gotten together again to contribute their expertise on how to cash in on longshots by using successful and proven handicapping theories.

This book is considered by some to be the Bible of race conditions. The book, backed up with statistical data, can help any handicapper make more money.

Brohamer developed his own technique for handicapping horse races. His system considers running styles, turn times, track variants, energy distribution, and par times in predicting race strategy and outcome.

This is a revised and updated third edition to the classic, "Betting Thoroughbreds", first released over 30 years ago. It covers recent industry changes, including synthetic surfaces, super trainers, wagering syndicates, computer software programs, and more.

Horse Racing History

Some of horse racing's most respected authorities comment on feats of greatness, world records, legendary rivalries, and innovations to rank the sport's top 100 moments. The book is richly illustrated with historic and modern photos, Horse Racing's Top 100 Moments also contains comprehensive lists of leading earners, fastest times, highest prices, and most races won.

Horses (Seabiscuit)

In "Seabiscuit: An American Legend", Laura Hillenbrand tells the story of the horse who became a cultural icon and rose to prominence with the help of owner Charles Howard, trainer Tom Smith, and jockey Red Pollard.

This book tells the story of Seabiscuit with historical research and interviews and is a must read for Thoroughbred racing fans.

Horses (Secretariat)

Sports Illustrated writer William Nack updates his 1975 portrait of the Triple Crown-winning champion, whose records set at the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes have yet to be broken, with a new edition that includes a new preface, Secretariat's breeding history and race chart, and an account of his death.

In this book, author Scanlan declares explores the relationship between Triple Crown winner Secretariat and his long-time groom, Eddie Sweat. He offers hundreds of racing anecdotes and facts about Secretariat's career.

Horses (Ruffian)

This book is a tribute to the great horse, Ruffian, who was one of the best thoroughbred fillies to ever race.

Reporter William Nack has written a great memoir about Ruffian, the horse that raced her way into the hearts of a nation.

Horses (Other)

This comprehensive account of the 11 horses that have won the Triple Crown includes rare photographs, an index, a glossary, and a compact disc on the history of Thoroughbred racing.

This book, illustrated with plenty of history and photography, explores many of the legendary match-ups between the biggest racing stars of the past.

In this book, Edgar Prado tells the brief, poignant story of Barbaro's rise and fall.

In this compelling book, author Mary Walsh looks at the life of an exceptional Thoroughbred who was unlucky enough to come along at the wrong time.

In this book, author Linda Hanna brings readers up-close-and-personal to the sport of Thoroughbred horseracing and covers the wonderful careers of Barbaro, Smarty Jones and Ruffian.

This book lists the greatest 100 racehorses of the 20th century and, for each one, includes a four-generation pedigree, tabulated race record, photographs, and a compelling narrative.

Man o' War was voted by racing experts as the No. 1 American race horse of the 20th century. This book is a recounting of his career and offers some interesting anecdotes and tidbits about his life.