Horse Racing DVDs

Here is a list of some of the most highly-rated horse racing DVDs on the market today.


The complete story of the most famous race horse of our time Secretariat. This comprehensive DVD chronicles Secretariat's life and legacy and is full of interesting film clips, interviews, and historical information about his storied career.

If you enjoyed the 2003 film, "Seabiscuit", then you are sure to enjoy this documentary about the inspirational true-life story of the famous horse. This documentary, originally filmed in black & white and now available in color, shows footage of Seabiscuit and is a must-have for any fan.

Learn the inspirational story about Barbaro through this DVD from NBC Sports. Narrated by Bob Costas, it includes exclusive coverage of Barbaro's races and interviews with Barbaro's owners, as well as veterinarian Dean Richardson, trainer Michael Matz, and jockey Edgar Prado.

This signature video features the most memorable moments and stories from the world's most legendary horse race, the Kentucky Derby. Watch the time-honored performances from the iconic names in racing history along with comprehensive collection of archival Derby footage and photography.

This feature-length history of American thoroughbred horse racing focuses on the careers of great horses - and the owners, jockeys, trainers, and events that define the country's oldest spectator sport. It also follows efforts to train the next champion.

On The Muscle gives the viewer an intimate insight into the day-to-day workings of the racing stable of Hall Of Fame Trainer Richard Mandella. On The Muscle is a must see for anyone interested in the thoroughbred racing, it's brilliant.

Animal Planet brings viewers into a world dominated by ferocious rivalries, fierce bonds, and extraordinary risk as it documents the behind-the-scenes lives of jockeys and their magnificent racehorses. "Jockeys" follows numerous athletes as they compete amongst each other during the course of a 30-day racing season.

Experience through the eyes of the jockeys this first-ever glimpse into what it takes to prepare for, and win the Kentucky Derby. Feel the glory of the winner's circle and the thrills of overcoming the challenges - both physical and mental - of the world's greatest horse race.

"Seabiscuit" is a comprehensive story of the horse that became America's great celebrity during the Depression when horseracing was the number one spectator sport. This documentary traces the rise of a broken-down gawky looking racehorse and her accident-prone, down and out jockey, John "Red" Pollard.

This DVD is a nice tribute to the outstanding jockey Laffitt Pincay Jr. In it, you'll see famous jockeys, top trainers, horse owners, and reporters talk about Laffitt Pincay as well as a lot of good racing footage.

This documentary is based on interviews with women who are active in thoroughbred racing, from jockeys to executives, and from grooms to vets.

Featuring heroic thoroughbred champion Barbaro, this documentary film following six horses and their journey to the 2006 Kentucky Derby.

From the demanding labors of love behind the track to the glory of the Winner's Circle, this is a rare window into the world of the dedicated - and dangerous - life of the Thoroughbred race jockey.


This is the widescreen version of the popular 2003 movie starring Tobey McGuire, Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper, and William H. Macy about the great horse.

This is the fullscreen version of the popular 2003 movie starring Tobey McGuire, Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper, and William H. Macy about the great horse.

This is the blueray version of the popular 2003 movie starring Tobey McGuire, Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper, and William H. Macy about the great horse.

This is the 2005 movie, starring Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Elisabeth Shue, Kris Kristofferson.


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