Mike McDermott

The character of Mike McDermott "Mike McD" in Rounders is played by Matt Damon. Matt Damon and Edward Norton played in the 1998 World Series of Poker Main Event at Binion's in 1998. They were sponsored by Binion's because Binion's thought it might bring some good publicity to the tournament. They both lasted half way through the first day before being eliminated. Matt Damon lost with pocket kings to Doyle Brunson's pocket aces.

John Dahl originally conceived Rounders as a low-budget, indie project in which matt Damon, then an unknown newcomer, would be surrounded by more established actors such as John Malkovich, John Turturro, Edward Norton and Martin Landau. But then Good Will Hunting came out the first or second week they were shooting Rounders and his role, and the movie, garnered a lot more visibility.


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To correct myself after seeing the movie again this weekend. LOL Johnny Chan had J9 Siedel had Q7. I guess Chan could flop the nut str8

bad_dog76 on August 14, 2006

not to mention you cant flopa straight with q-7.

HPG ADMIN on August 11, 2006

Never seen anyone catch a run of cards like Mikey here. Flushes, full boats, pocket kings, 9's full of aces and flopping nut straights. Jesus with hands like that I could go "rolls like that" 15,000 in 3 days. Anyone else notice when Petra comes to see Mike and he's watching the 89 Main Event she says "He flopped the nut straight". Yet his cards are Q7? Now I'm no pro but with Q7 you can NEVER have the nut straight

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

Wow you turned into a cutey pie...wish I was still in the States to check up on you.

SweetieDi on July 30, 2006

Five minuts after the movie stops, the taxi driver takes all of Mikes money, and with only 1 dollar, Mike states "60.000 and three days to the WSOP start... I gone on rolls like that before."

Olstad on July 25, 2006

this is stu ungar and i would have beat this guys ass heads up while i was higher then a kite on a hot july morning

stu shining down on you on October 14, 2005

see ya all smart@sses at wsop 2006

kikiriki-kostice-zanimacija? on August 15, 2005

TILT was not better then rounders but was still good. it was made by THE SAME WRITERS. but TILT was a bit too fictional.

Jetsfan315 on July 31, 2005

TILT was better than rounders. The last sequence of heads up poker. only in the movies. gimmie a break. Malcovich was more concerned with "splashing the pot" for the camera than playing cards.

Unregistered on July 30, 2005

"Posted by: on Jul 28, 2005 - IP= JetsFag - if we play heads-up, i guarantee u will be filing for bankrupcy within the hour."

where did u get that diss, come up with a new one idiot. and besides i would woop ur ass heads up. and u said this y? all i said was that rounders ROCKED

Jetsfan315 on July 28, 2005

JetsFan - i made that comment because how u assume none of us are poker players. I think a good percentage are otherwise why the fuck would they be on these boards? You think you are above us, you're not loser.

The Joker on July 28, 2005

no i dont think i am above anyone,besides YOU. i only assume the ppl who r saying rounders sucks r not poker players, or r at least not good poker players.

Jetsfan315 on July 28, 2005

JetsFan - if we play heads-up, i guarantee u will be filing for bankrupcy within the hour.

Unregistered on July 27, 2005

Rounders rocked. u guys just dont appreciate its greatness cause ur not a poker player.

Jetsfan315 on July 26, 2005

he could see gretchen mol at the wsop in rounders 2 and then he could yell "WHOS RUNNING TREADSTONE" wait wrong movie

Unregistered on July 24, 2005

Hey ROUDNERSUCKED, get a fucking spell checker.

Observer on July 23, 2005

Observer..get a fuking life bro

ROUDNERSUCKED on July 21, 2005

Gin...always gin

the judge. on July 21, 2005

HOWDYA LIKE THEM APPLES!! oops sorry wrong movie

hal on July 21, 2005

Marinachhi - just what the fuck does that line mean then since u are so much smarter than me?

Unregistered on July 20, 2005

Best line of the movie was when Mike was walking into KGB's club at the end. As he enters, he says: "This place still makes me queezy. The brick walls, the fu#king mopes sitting at the tables, the musty smell. I feel like Buckner walking back into Shea." It's subtle lines in movies that not everyone might get that turn them into cult classics. Probably 80 percent of the general population didn't get what the heck he was talking about with that line. But those of us who do like the movie even more because we know the analogy being made.

Marinacchi on July 18, 2005

Reed Hamm that sounds like a good idea for a sequel. It will obviously take place at the WSOP and Mike will definately make it to the final table at least. Infact, he could come across his idol Johnny Chan in he process and Johnny goes "Hey, arent u the f-head who cashed out after re-raises in one hand at casino game?" and Mike would look him in the eye and say "Sorry Johnny, i don't remember". I think Ed Norton could come back in, but not because he also entered the wsop. He's there scamming through side-games OR he hears that Mike is doing well and drops in for a visit - hopefully to patch things up since Mike might become a millionaire. But there would have to be 1-2 new characters that Mike meets along the way, such as other aspiring poker players hoping to hit the big-time. And also another poker "bad boy" similar to KGB that Mike must defeat heads-up at the final table. Too much time has elapsed since the first unfortunately, but its still a good idea.

Observer on July 14, 2005

IF THIS GUY IS SO GREAT WHY WASNT HE IN VEGAS TO START! if i was "that good" id be saying f--- law school, come on this movie is awesome but that part defintly bugs me.

pokerGUS on July 13, 2005

There are many Mike McDermott's out there..

Unregistered on July 11, 2005

I have several ideas on a rounders 2. It would start with damon getting droped off at one of the major casinos and i won't say anything else. but the idea is great. how could you not make one now with popularity of poker. ed norton is in it, also grammer ticked off that he didn't get his way and the teddy kgb will have a small part. matt will be at his world series of poker table and he will hear a familiar voice at another table, ed nortons. they make eye contact. ed loses quick and trys to cling to matt again but make has no part of it. kinish realizes that matts idea of the tournement wasn't that bad and he also enters the tournement. there would be all the poker stars today at some of the tables . i'm thinking ed norton will die in this movie. but damen will win the world series of poker.. oh his exgirl friend shows up to watch the final table. you have to make it. call me ill right the whole script. Reed Hamm washington indiana.

Reed Hamm on July 11, 2005

JetsFan315 are you kidding me??

mojita on July 10, 2005

u guys do know HE IS FICTIONAL right? this is really Matt Damon.

Jetsfan315 on July 7, 2005

lol, i would walk up a slap mike.. he's a dummy

Observer on June 14, 2005

Can you imagine this guy at the WSOP? On the first day, he'll be like "i'm all-in, cause i dont think u have a spade" and gus hansen will say "i don't haaaaave a spade, i haaaave 10-3 off suite giving me an unlikely full house!" and takes away all of Mike's chips. He'll just sit there godsmacked and broke yet again.

Observer on June 2, 2005

Hey, is this the moron who ran away after winning one hand from me? i asked him what he had and he say "sorry i dont remember" and walked off i was so mad! how dare he outbluff my 8-3 off suit i kill him!!

Johnny Chan on May 20, 2005

How exactly did Mike misplay his hand at the start? He flopped top 2 pair, then made the boat on turn.. the only 2 cards to beat him were the f'ing aces, like what are the odds? was he suppose to pick up teddy's tell? i mean how else could he have played it with that hand?

Observer on May 15, 2005

I agree... If I saw someone do that at a table I'd ask why his clown ass even sat down..

boonsfarm on May 14, 2005

He thinks he's so great cos he bluffed out Chan.. He folds for 3/4 of an hour then randomly decides to re-raise the guy pre-flop. Not like Chan is going to call someone playing that tight unless he has AA or KK. Anyone could do that, he probably lost more money in blinds than he got from that hand.Then he acts like a cock saying "SORRY JOHN I DONT REMEMBER" and gets up and cashes out.

man on May 7, 2005

...It was about a year later after his beat (title flashes 9 mo later at beginning). Mikey won the World Championships and you know it!!!!!!!

james on May 6, 2005

I don't remember, John

Unregistered on April 26, 2005

I was wonderinging that myself...It seems 30,000 was a good enough stake for a player of his talent...

yup on April 9, 2005

the buy in back when the movie came out was less then that because poker wasnt as popular and mabe only a 3rd of the players that play today where actually into poker

Unregistered on April 9, 2005

the prize money only gets bigger the more people play the bigger pay out

Unregistered on April 9, 2005

did a whole year go by because at the beging of the movie hes making a run and at the end hes going to the wsop

Unregistered on April 9, 2005

why is it at the begining of the movie he was making a run for the WSOP when he already had 30 large? As far as I know the buy in is 10. Did he think they were gonna charge him extra?

idontgetit on March 27, 2005

bankroll management..when youve got the talent mike has you "took a shot and missed" seemed to do alright near the end of the movie if i remember it correctly

atal 216 on March 21, 2005

I really love that guy!

totte löfström on March 21, 2005

He should have dumped the blonde and hooked up with Petra.

Unregistered on March 11, 2005

this guy plays so loose. i slowed played aces on him. he lost his whole bankroll

slick 1 on February 20, 2005

those are two words mike wil never learn

Unregistered on February 7, 2005

Bankroll management

two woeds on January 27, 2005

He was only good cause it was a movie.

eddie on December 30, 2004

no they ripped off mike mcds persona from dutch

Unregistered on December 13, 2004

rounders called dutch boyd...they want their persona back...dutch boyds whole persons is ripped off from mike mcd,,,one question tho...why didnt mikey nail the broad from the chesterfield....she was hot,,,bad move mikey

djnpa_30 on November 25, 2004

I wanna be like this guy...

Kim sh200kr on November 11, 2004

he beat kgb straight up. and he check check check...

dick darlington on October 31, 2004

Mike McD goaded and owned KGB in that final hand!

Unregistered on October 5, 2004

Farha: "Let's gamble" with K2 preflop vs. Dutch Boyd

Really, Jack? on September 17, 2004

The way he played his nut straight at the end of the movie was dumb. It's not that hard to tell that when people say, "sure, I'll gamble" when they put their chips in that they have a hand. Easiest tell in the book.

jacl on September 14, 2004

I am pretty sure that sportsbettor doesn't know him personally because well....HE IS FICTIONAL!!! relax hateplayerhater

Unregistered on July 28, 2004

Rounders was a great movie. And he would kick your @$$ Earth Elemental.

Unregistered on July 25, 2004

Vouches for the wrong people.

blah on July 24, 2004

sportsbetter, do you KNOW this guy personally? Otherwise you should shut your trap. You sound like a jealous hater.

hateplayerhater on July 13, 2004

Yeah,but he got to bang Gretchen Moll.

roy batty on July 3, 2004

typical ac/borgota player who thinks their shit don't stink; overly aggressive in his poker and life choices; reckless and overrated.

sportsbettor on June 28, 2004

He is ok but Against me he is got nothing I have seen the Movie =)

Earth Elemental on June 25, 2004

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