Roulette History


Roulette is a French word that means "little wheel". The history of roulette begins in France around 1655 with famous mathematician Blaise Pascal, known for his work in the field of probability. He created a primitive form of roulette wheel in an experiment to create a perpetual motion device. Then one of his friends saw great potential in the invention as a gambling game.

The first modern roulette wheel, with its alternating colors and even/odd, was used in a Paris casino in 1796. This wheel was the original double-zero version of roulette. The game became popular in France and quickly spread throughout Europe.

American roulette

In 1800, the game of roulette arrived from Europe to the US where it also became very popular. American casino owners weren't happy about the small house edge so they added a double-zero slot, nearly doubling the house edge. Although the double-zero wheel was previously invented in Europe, this variation became known as the "American wheel" because it was welcomed in the US. These two versions of roulette are essentially the same versions of roulette that are played everywhere today.


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Roulette History

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