Scotty Nguyen

Thuan "Scotty" Nguyen is a Vietnamese American professional poker player who is a five time WSOP bracelet winner, most notably as the winner of the 1998 WSOP Main Event. Scotty is one of the most recognizable poker players on TV, with his gold chains and his habit of calling everyone "baby".

Born in 1962 in Vietnam, Scotty came to America at the age of fourteen, eventually settling in the Los Angeles. He attended dealer school at the age of 21 and was employed by Harrah’s poker room. He made about $150 per night and lost most of it playing low-limit poker games, where he knew he wasn't that good but felt like gambling anyway.

Scotty first cashed at the WSOP in 1995. He won his first bracelet at the 1997 WSOP in the $2,000 Omaha 8 or Better, winning $150,000.

Unfortunately Scotty blew this bankroll (not for the first time either) and was completely broke right before the 1998 WSOP. He had to borrow money from Mike Matusow in exchange for a 1/3rd stake in his winnings in order to play in a small satellite to the main event. Nguyen made it to the heads-up final against Kevin McBride. On the final hand, there was a full house on the board (8-9-9-8-8). Scotty made a big bet and then said to Kevin McBride: "You call, it's gonna be all over baby!" McBride called, saying "I call. I play the board." Nguyen beat McBride with a better full house by holding 9-J. Along with his 2nd bracelet, he won the $1,000,000 prize, which he had to split ($333,333) with Mike Matusow. His main event triumph in 1998 was immediately followed by tragedy when, the very next day, one of his brothers was hit by a car back home in Vietnam, and killed. Because of this, Scotty does not wear his 1998 WSOP championship bracelet.

Scotty almost made the final table of the 2007 WSOP Main Event, finishing in 11th place out of a field of 6,358, earning $476,926.

After making several final tables at the WPT, Scotty won a WPT event in January 2006 during season 4, defeating Michael Mizrachi in the Gold Strike World Poker Open, winning $969,421. With this WPT victory, he became one of only 5 people to win both the WSOP main event and a WPT title.

In 2008, he won the WSOP $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event and the $1,989,120 first place prize. He became the only player in history to win this event and the WSOP Main Event. During this event, Scotty exhibited what some call rude and maybe even rule-breaking behavior. In the broadcast of the event, Scotty was shown drinking a lot of alcoholic and swearing at the final table. After the event, Scotty stated that the editors depicted him unfairly and that he was exhausted and frustrated with another player. Later on, he issued an apology and said that there was no excuse for his behavior.

Scotty is one of the most aggressive and confident poker players playing today and always plays to win, which is why he is such a great tournament player and why he has also gone broke before. Scotty is somewhat of a controversial figure. Some people think that he is someone who just plays with a lot of emotion and that his jokes are entertaining. Others say that he is disrespectful to other players at the table an also site the rumors of his drug use.

In 2009, Nguyen won the inaugural LA Poker Classic $10,000 H.O.R.S.E World Championship at the Commerce Casino's annual LA Poker Classic Series, winning $339,743.

Nguyen has also made appearances on the Ultimate Blackjack Tour playing Elimination Blackjack and made an appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien in April 2004.

As of 2009, he has one of the best tournament records in poker, he has 5 WSOP bracelets, 37 WSOP cashes, 1 WPT title, a record-tying 8 WPT final tables, and total live tournament winnings exceeding $10,700,000.

WSOP Bracelets

Year Event Prize
1997 $2,000 Omaha 8 or Better $156,959
1998 $10,000 No Limit Hold'em World Championship $1,000,000
2001 $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha $178,480
2001 $5,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Split Eight or Better $287,580
2008 $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. World Championship $1,989,120


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After his WSOP H.O.R.S.E braclet & $1,989,120
I must admit he is a true champion...when he is

????? on September 28, 2009

Phil Hilm did a number on Scotty in the 2007 WSOP.

Think Scotty got a bit too cocky, got outplayed, went on tilt, and the rest is history

bad_dog76 on April 21, 2008

The booze has his brain;

????? on March 14, 2008

Phil Hilm got him on tilt and busted his ass in the 2007 WSOP,actually he busted that ass over and over lol Take that baby!!! Way overrated,one lucky tourney in 1998.

headlessman1964 on March 3, 2008

Englishcat im gona chop ya balls of... i know Joe Hachem you dun see me given daily

Unregistered on October 18, 2006

englishcat ur a joke speaking like u know everyone, no noe wants to hear about it!!

alextt on August 26, 2006

Scotty Nguyen Baby! One of the most fun guys at the table. Plays loose and aggressive with great results. If I was gonna lose my chips to anyone at the table it would be Scotty baby.

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

Fuck this guy. He can't even speak english. His only vocab word is baby. He's so full of himself too, thinking he's more superior than everyone. No class. Send him back to his shit hole country.

Bender on July 29, 2006


gulfport on September 19, 2005

Wheres He From, Bell Gardens? Lol

SCOTTYS THE MAN!!! on September 16, 2005

that the funniest shit I've heard in the longest

Unregistered on September 14, 2005

what a lame arse story, funny though.

Unregistered on September 14, 2005

this guy is a loser, cant even speak fucking english, send him back to where the fuck he came from

flush80 on September 13, 2005

i love scotty

99. on August 31, 2005

Lots of girls, cat? I could almost hear your sigh of disappointment since Scotty's young nephews won't be cumming err coming.

Unregistered on August 25, 2005

Scotty is preparing for his party at the moment..He ordered Cristal and Lobsters..theres going to be lots of Poker Pro`s there and loads of girls..I cant wait!

englishcat on August 23, 2005

Scotty is in his cottage now!..he purchased it yesterday and hes movd in already!..he says hes holding a housewarming party next week and of course I shall be there..a lot of his poker friends will be there and we might all have one big home game!

englishcat on August 20, 2005

He's a hard core drunkard in real life.

gulfport on August 19, 2005

englishcat - would do u do for a living? smooch off poker pros?

The Joker on August 18, 2005

From what I've seen, his ability to change up his game frequently is awesome. Secondly, he's been around for a long time and seems to earn his money playing poker instead of promoting the latest and greatest poker site or some other garbage poker product like some of these new "stars" are doing. Hats off to you Scotty good luck!

Great Player on August 15, 2005

See you on friday Scotty...Ive got champagne in the fridge in your cottage..we will drink to the game and I look forward to you moving to England!

englishcat on August 15, 2005

Scotty phoned earlier..hes flying over to England on friday!..I said Id see him then and arrange a viewing of his cottage..He sounded thrilled and said "Oh Cat I cant wait to see it"!

englishcat on August 14, 2005

This guy buys so many hookers its crazy. He is just always drunk with a hooker on his arm, amazing scotty.

blackbart on August 14, 2005

This was funny for like the first 4-5 posts, now it's just tired. Give it a rest dude you're boring everyone. Yawn.

East81 on August 11, 2005

dont say all these mean thing about englishcat, he is a very tender person. I mean it. I cop it and live with it and enjoy it and cherish it and rejoice in it!!!!!!!!!!

JetsFan315 on August 11, 2005

I thought everyone would be interested to hear about Scotty and I`s friendship..I cant please everybody all the time..Scotty is coming round next week..I wish u could all see the house..its gorgeous..Scottys gonna be thrilled!

englishcat on August 11, 2005

I had a look at the house Scotty is interested in today..Its a lovely little cottage in the has 3 bedrooms and a big lounge lots of land and stables..I phoned Scotty afterwards and told him..he said "Wow Cat it sounds perfect I shall put in an offer tomorrow"..I said "Fantastic idea Scotty,If you want a lodger Id move in as your friend"..Scotty laughed and said "Its gonna be me and you and lots of girls Cat"..I said "I cant wait Scotty"!

englishcat on August 10, 2005

Scotty phoned tonight and I told him all about the house..he said hes coming over next week to view it! of course I will be there with him advising him and telling him what to do...what fun to see him again!

englishcat on August 8, 2005

Hiya all..Scottys back in America now..we had a really good time together and before he left he said "Cat I want to buy a house in England so we can hang out together"..I said "Sounds great friend,want me to look out for one for you?"..he said "Wow thanks Cat you are a true friend"..Ive found one Scotty I shall phone later and tell u about it!

englishcat on August 7, 2005

he seems like a really nice guy.. hes currently staying at our casino/resort........ always please to do autographs or pictures..... hehe he always poses the same....

nutter on August 5, 2005

Scotty is my friend and you are jealous because hes on my xmas card list!

englishcat on August 4, 2005

last night I didnt get a call from scotty but my psychiatrist. he suggested i upped the medication for my compulsive lying and bad sense of humour but i told him lying wasnt my immediate problem.

englishcat on August 3, 2005

Hiya all..Scotty is still here with me!..hes sitting near me now..Weve been for a day out on a small boat today on the river..anyways I cooked him tea tonight...We had Coq Au was gorgeous and Scotty adored it..He said "Cat my personal chef who is a top chef from Paris cant cook as good as you"..I said "Thanks Scotty I like cooking for you We will have Lobster Bisque tomorrow"..Scotty statted drooling and said "I cant wait friend Cat"!

englishcat on August 3, 2005

THE best player in THE WORLD with a Mullet. Nobody's close.

Hands down on August 1, 2005

Who thinks EnglishCat/RisingShark is funny? He's so over-the-top and exaggerative that it has to make you laugh. "I'm advising him what to do all the time..We are chip leader." lol. "Scotty phoned me to see what I'm up to.." lol. Scotty's personal chef?? lol.

Am I the only one? on August 1, 2005

Hmm..Scotty is here with me now! We are playing a Tourney online at the min while His food is cooking...Im advising him what to do all the time..We are chip leader..Scotty is so pleased..anyways we are off out tonight for many beers!

englishcat on July 30, 2005

Hiya all just phone Scotty this afternoon..unfortunately i couldnt get through since he had changed his phone number..i was disappointed since he didnt tell me, even though he told all his real he is taking out a restraining order against me and to stop asking him for a blowjob over the phone..very funny Scotty v funny

englishcat on July 29, 2005

cat u r a very sick individual. maaan u really don't have a life...

Unregistered on July 28, 2005

yeah man your full of shit ''I DID IT MAN YEAH!'' :::says it likr scotty with a big hair-do:::

Unregistered on July 24, 2005

Im not "full of faeces" as u put it..U ring up Scotty and ask him about his friend Cat then u tell me if Im full of it..Scotty will set u straight and tell u that his best friend in the whole world is Cat!

englishcat on July 24, 2005

Scotty phoned this morning for a chat..we hadnt talked for a few days and he wanted to catch up on me and what Id been up to..anyways we talked for a few hours and I said Id fly over in the week for a home game with him and Ben Affleck..Its going to be so good...Scotty said Ben is bringing champagne and lobster for Scottys personal chef to cook...its going to be such fun!

englishcat on July 23, 2005

Saw Scotty at Harrahs outdoor Carnival bar. He had a good sized entourage and was being very friendly with everyone, along with tipping the bartenders over $400.

inxs on July 18, 2005

Yes Scotty is very generous..when I was with him last time he tipped everyone..I remarked on his generosity and he said "Im a people man Cat"

englishcat on July 18, 2005

Yea he cheats on his wife, IS a wife beater shes now divorcing the prick, don't support his 4 kids, and is a MAJOR drunk. Yea hes a prince all right, Prince of pricks! And yes I do know him VERY WELL

Drunken SCUMBAG on July 17, 2005

He never cheats on his wife whilst I have been with him..Ive been with him loads of times..Anyways Scottys slowly recovering from his Flu..He rung earlier and thanked me for the get well card I sent him and the grapes and Wine I ordered for him off the net..He said he will be up and about at the weekend and would I like to fly over and stay for a bit?..I said "Sounds great Scotty we can go out on the town and have some beers then have a few home games"..he said "Cat Im feeling a bit better already after knowing that"..seeyas soon Scotty :)

englishcat on July 17, 2005

scotty nguyen has been a great player for the past couple of years...i gotta chance to meet him in vegas back in june..(along with screamin female fans...)and lemme jus say that he's a very sweet & genuine guy...aside from all that michelob he drink's...yuck!!! scotty you need the good stuff...XO baby!!! ~hanh

flower12chyld21 on July 15, 2005

Hiya all just got a phone call from Scotty..he wants to see me soon and play a home game.I said "I cant wait to see u Scotty and we can talk about where u went wrong in the world series and what u can do to correct it in the future"...He said "You are my best friend Cat will u tell it to me straight?" I said " Of course Scotty you are a good friend and I will"..anyways Scotty is resting at the moment he has a touch of Flu and isnt feeling too well..get well soon Friend Scotty :)

englishcat on July 14, 2005

Damn shame to see Scotty get eliminated - he had such high hopes after securing that sponsorship deal with Michelob. Better luck next year Scotty mate.

Wizardio on July 13, 2005

Scotty rung earlier in a panic he said "Cat u r still coming over for the home game?" I said "Of course my friend I wont let u down"..he said "well Ben Affleck doesnt know if he can make it"..Im not pleased about this,luckily I have Bens number so I shall phone him later

englishcat on July 11, 2005

Lol v funny..I got through to Scotty earlier and we talked for an hour..I was commiserating with him and saying how unlucky he was and that hes the best poker player who`s ever lived..Scotty seemed to like what I was saying to him and cheered up..Scotty see you next week at the home game with U and Ben Affleck :)

englishcat on July 10, 2005

lose the mullet baby and i love u

99. on July 10, 2005

great player

Unregistered on July 10, 2005

cat STFU. and scotty nguyen is eliminated(just some information) scotty nguyen is still good though. " I told u 21, no turn over... see 21, OH GOD DAMMIT I THOUGHT WE WHERE PLAYING BLACKJACK! SHIT!"

JetsFan315 on July 9, 2005

Poor old Scotty..anyways hes ringing me later to tell me all the details..I hope to soothe him with my words..Im upset for Scotty now :(

englishcat on July 9, 2005

youll soothe him with your mouth but it doesnt involve words. oh by the way scotty called and told me to relay to you that he wishes for you to wear the french maid outfit that he bought for you the next time the two of you meet.

english cat the poker pro's lackey on July 9, 2005

Englishcat - he won't be able to send you that ticket I'm afraid as his purse strings are being controlled by his new accountant Maa'l Pyrinjoon-Hornberg (half Thai, half Jew) and he isn't too keen on freeloaders. Not saying you are one of course but Scottyi's finances aren't too good since he was burnt on that Jerry-Curl investment in southern Arkansas.

Wizardio on July 6, 2005

hmmm I do know lately Scotty is having a few money troubles..thats why when we are meeting up I said "Scotty tonight Im buying the beers"..on the phone when I told him he was delighted..he said "You are such a good friend Cat"..i was proud and said "good luck at the world series friend"..he said "You should be here Cat to advise me"..I said "I know Scotty but you will be ok on your own"...I hope he wins this year...good luck Scotty

englishcat on July 6, 2005

Englishcat - I already have a two-bedroom pad in Vegas where Scotty will crash when he needs to catch a few hours sleep or just sober up. He calls it the Ho Chi Minh suite and you can usually find him there on the second Tuesday of every month when I'm hosting my card school.:)

Wizardio on July 4, 2005

U cant have one wizard..Scotty knows me well..he said when we meet again we will play cards for 15 hours straight,,,he wants to learn all my strategies..hes in vegas now having a beer and a ciggy..hes ringing soon..He might even buy me a plane ticket for the world series so I can watch him and stay with him

englishcat on July 4, 2005

Received a call from Scotty in the early hours of this morning - he was drunk and emotional and said he was terrfied of losing in the first round of the WSOP. I told him not to sweat it and use the 'Wizard Whammey' where you whisper 'YES!!!!' under your breath when you've got 2 7 off suit when the river flops a set of aces. Makes those suckers fold every time. This seemed to settle him down a lot - he thanked me for it.

Wizardio on July 3, 2005

Wizard u cant know him..I know him so well we are thinking of getting a house together..not in a sexual way its going to be a big house and have a big room to play snooker in and a bar in and a poker table..he said "shall we get a restaurant in the house to impress the girls"..i said "yes scotty we should,the girls will love it"...he agreed and said he will house hunt after the world series...lets all wish him luck

englishcat on July 3, 2005

Whats with people saying they know these pros?? The joke has worn thin, give it a rest. Get a life.

james on July 3, 2005

Wizard U cant know him..Im crying now that u pretend to know him..I know him really well..weve been for beers...weve picked up women together..weve played loads of poker together..weve eaten together..weve stayed in the same hotel..Ive been in his car and him in mine..Hes coming over to England after the world series to see me..Ive booked a day paintballing when he comes..its going to be such fun :)

englishcat on July 1, 2005

how dare u..all ive said is true..scotty and me are very good friends..we are blood brothers he told me

englishcat on July 1, 2005

I just got the following text from the guy:'Thanks for the help Wiz baby. The tip about grimacing on the river when you have the nuts was brilliant. Should clean up now baby. Later.':)

Wizardio on June 30, 2005

I asked him if he knew you and his exact words were 'I've never spoken to anyone who fits that description. He sounds like a total punk. Baby'. Now either you're lying or Scotty is telling the truth.

Wizardio on June 29, 2005

No im telling the truth..Scotty has invited me for a home game after the world series..Iwish i had recorded the conversation to prove it..Hes settled in his hotel in vegas now..good luck scotty phone me again tomorrow :)

englishcat on June 29, 2005

u cant know him wizard..i know him really well and have played loads and been out with him and everything..he never mentioned u..i shall see him soon i shall ask him if he knows u..he cant know u

englishcat on June 28, 2005

I've known Scotty since he came to the US - in fact I gave him his 'Baby' catchprase as I thought it would be a good tagline for him. If you listen to any of his interviews after winning in 98 he attributes all his success to the mystical powers of that catchphrase.

Wizardio on June 28, 2005

I hear you Scotty - I did the same thing to that sucker when I went all in on the river with an 8 high. Totally freaked him out. He said 'You got me with that hand baby' and folded them in a hurry. I said 'Don't worry mate, you don't have to play me every week'. True story.

Wizardio on June 27, 2005

Scooty win and wizard u are lying..u cant know scotty..i know scotty well u know..weve played lots and had beers together and everything

englishcat on June 27, 2005

I once got him to lay down Quad 10's in a limit hold em final table on a board of 6d 3s 8s 10h 10c to one big bet on the river in a 5-way pot. Everyone folded and my 4 high took it down.I showed him my cards and he's never been the same since. He sold all his bling and started listening to Celine Dion constantly. Also, he took up birdwatching.

Scotty Win on June 26, 2005

Scotty wouldnt do that..ive played him enough to know..scotty is warming up for the world series playing a game in the hotel against a few tourists..he told me theyre "easy money"

englishcat on June 25, 2005

sounds like you are talking out of your ass

wizardiosucks on June 23, 2005

Nice guy but I busted his ass last time I played him - went all in on the river with 2 4 off suit and he folded quicker than a $30 suit. Told me later that he had a set of aces and that it was the best play he'd ever seen.

Wizardio on June 20, 2005

hey englishcat - nobody likes the english. find one nation who can stand the english and i'll eat my own mouth

rest of the world on June 19, 2005

ok well..america likes the english because they adopted our language and tried to steal our culture but failed miserably..also canada we have a good relationship with..also australia because they have out flag on theirs..india too we have economic ties with...the list goes on...better eat ur own mouth...anyways this isnt about u its about me and scotty..hes settled in a nice hotel in vegas at the min and doing ok

englishcat on June 19, 2005

If you can't stand Dirk Diggler, respond with "ME HATE DIRK"

BNB on June 16, 2005

"me Hate Dirk"

Spanky on June 16, 2005

"ME LOVE DIRK" and bubbles too!

Jacko on June 16, 2005

very nasty comments..scotty deserves better..if u knew him then u would know he`s a decent fella..even after i beat him badly at xmas time he still paid for a big meal we had together afterwards..shows his class

englishcat on June 15, 2005

englishcat u are the biggest fucking LOSER on the boards - get a life

englishcat is a LIAR on June 14, 2005

not very pleasant that..quite upset actually..jealousy is a disease

englishcat on June 14, 2005

i think english cat is bluffing, right now

i don't beleive u on June 14, 2005

scotty phoned me earlier in the day and suggested i fly over for a home game hes having on wednesday with him and hellmuth and ben affleck..he said he would pay for the flights and food and drink..i said yes reluctantly because ive never played against affleck..of course ive played scotty and phil...anyone know how affleck plays? suggestions welcome

englishcat on June 11, 2005

give this punk a haircut and ass kicking in poker

I'd like to on June 11, 2005

Excellent player

Unregistered on June 6, 2005

"You call me, its all over baby"

Scotty Nguyen on June 3, 2005

This guy makes Barry Greenstein look like a pimp...first of all, its not 1969 so stop saying Baby, second of you ain't Mr. T so cut down on the Gold...

Moneymaker'sDad on May 25, 2005

scotty is a great guy i played heads up torn. with him in fla. I LOST HA HA he made a 6 high st. on river om

fjones on May 18, 2005

scotty send me an e-mail if u get a chance

fjones on May 18, 2005

I play to win baby

Unregistered on May 18, 2005

scotty is cool and a great poker player only thing i dont like about him is that evertime he speaks i have no ideal what hell his saying another thing i dont like about scotty is that he has a big boogers in his nose but no one says anything they dont want to hurt his feelings so thats y his walking all round the casino with a big boogers in his nose

bruce on May 15, 2005

naaaaaaaaa im just kidddding man i just having fun scotty is cool

bruce on May 15, 2005

sometimes thats the price you got to pay for being famous.

bruce on May 15, 2005

Simply enough...."The Prince of Poker"

Jon on May 12, 2005

Scotty rules! I like the way he talks..its funny. "I dont know...400,000...That's alot of money!" Hilarious!

drunkman on May 10, 2005

" You call gonna be all over baby!" - Scotty Nguyen

Unregistered on May 10, 2005

Deuce Four baby!

Scotty on May 6, 2005

scotty is the king baby! sends me shivers just thinking about the bluff against umberto

sidbird on May 3, 2005

Drinks at the table, a winner in my book.

loser on May 2, 2005

I drink so much baby. I have too much drink one night and pass out baby. Then my friends shove beer bottle up my ass and give me this haircut baby. I never forget that. I get you back baby.

the real scotty nguyen on April 30, 2005

Who like my mullet? yea baby

Scotty Nguyen on April 24, 2005

coz nugyen is pronouced win

Unregistered on April 19, 2005

Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!

Unregistered on April 19, 2005

why do they call him scotty win

okokokok on April 15, 2005

Scotty killed my father in the Vietnam war, But I still love his hair and his game, so no hard feelings.

Pissed off, but getting better on April 12, 2005

chu Thuan is da best!! I love watching you playing poker.. babyyyy

Huy Huynh / AJ / ajhuynh on April 10, 2005

this guy is a great poker player and funny "this the hand Scotty go all-in with aces baby oh yeah"

JetsFan315 on April 4, 2005

He hasnt won in a while, and that probably explains why he hasnt been able to get a damned hair cut. Win one more scotty. That way you can get another perm for that weave of yours.

Unregistered on April 2, 2005

Hes only the best cause hes VIETNAMESE!

Justin Nguyen on April 1, 2005

I Scotty Nguyen baby, you call me I got aces, you fold and I got 2-7. I the best, baby.

Scotty on March 30, 2005

Does anyone have Scottie's mailing address? Thanks!

Luke on March 21, 2005

Great player but please Scotty stay away from the mullet you look like an oriental Joe Dirt

Unregistered on March 11, 2005

Scotty Nguyen is my hero!

alliesun on March 9, 2005

very funny story it was indeed. anyway on to other news... scotty is far too loose and once when I played him in a tourney I managed to pick up a tell on him....when ever he had a strong hand, he would bet straight out.

iveyfan05 on March 7, 2005

I don't know if anybody read it but Nuts2callU posted the funniest fucking story. It's like seven posts ago and it's kind of long but check it out. My side still hurts from laughing.

Hilarious on March 3, 2005

Scotty is the man. He's my favorite player, I mean come on he's hilarious. The only thing I don't like is that he drinks when he plays, I think thats kind of dumb but whatever. He's still the man.

Timmah925 on March 1, 2005

Hes one ugly bastard ...yeah baby!

Maughrim on February 25, 2005

Haven't seen many of his games, but watched "Live at the Bike" when he popped by. Seems like a cool cat.

Boyakasha, Baby! on February 24, 2005

mullet=Business in the front, party in the back.....just playing. scottys a real good player, busted me out of a sattelite @ the bellagio. he trap me with a set vs top 2 pair. oh well it wsa only 1.5k

super Mullet on February 20, 2005

that is one of the funniest story ive heard in a long time.Crack me up every time i read dude.

Unregistered on February 17, 2005

I met Scotty Nguyen at the Taj one cold night last November. I had been sitting across from him in a ring game for over an hour and he had been raising every single pot. Finally I looked down at my whole cards and decided I was gonna use my reputation as a tight player to bluff him out of this pot. He raised it five hundred to boot and I immediately reraised him 1500 more. Scotty, being the aggressive player he is reraised me 1500 more. I took a deep breath and pushed em all in. To my disappointment he called and turned over AK suited. I dropped my head and shamefully turned over two baseball cards. I knew I was done but to my surprise, an Albert Pujols 2002 Topps card came on the river for the suckout and the win. Scotty couldn't believe it. He threw his hands in the air and said "how can baseball card get in deck baby?" I stared him down, laughed and said "some questions weren't meant to be answered baby", then quickly bolted. True story.

Nuts2callU on February 11, 2005

i met scottty at the crown poker championship and man he was good.p.s i love all the peeps that admire more thing detroit 4life

detroit for life on February 10, 2005

scotty rocks

Unregistered on February 5, 2005

im viet.... ma parents r from south viet.... 4got what city though...its somewhere near Ho Chi Minh City... scotty was the earliest player i remembered seeing on tv because the '98 WSOP was the same year i had cable and still is one of ma fav. players and i still laugh at his mullet

LOB on February 5, 2005

he can probably speak 2 languages. You can barely speak one, flush80

Unregistered on February 1, 2005

Met Scotty at the Jack Binion WPT 2005. He is one of the nicest people i have ever had the pleasure to meet. I wish you all the luck in the world scotty.

Stephen (3$ Wizard) on January 31, 2005

Just many here are actually Viet? If so, post where ur home is in Vietnam.Im 14, in VA and kill my friends in NL Texas Hold Emcome from Vinh Long South Vietnam.oh yeah...... Scotty Rules. Any Viets know if he is BAC or Nam?

aznhustler369 on January 30, 2005

all the people that hate scotty r bloody wankers

Blade xxx on January 25, 2005

i love u scotty

bjhhfasbbfjakfbgjbag on January 25, 2005

mullets for life

ndsigfngs on January 25, 2005

vietnam for life

kdnkhnkdnkhd on January 25, 2005

scotty is the #1 poker player ever

scottys nephew .phi on January 25, 2005

This guy is one of the ugliest mother f**ker i have ever seen on TV. What the hell? Couldn't he just play behind a tinted window or something? or at least do something... Edit his ass... I mean face. Do a little of cut and paste, shit, anything. Damn the overpaid poker producers. Next time i see his ass on tv. i'm gonna sue comcast. Nightmare ! Literally.

qn. on January 24, 2005

This guy is a decent poker player but is just about as annoying as the pokerface commercial with mike

Have to be in it to win it on January 17, 2005

Sorry, Bruce. But you're a moron.

ummmm on January 10, 2005

beam me up scotty. his a good playerkind of ugly than again all the poker player are ugly.

bruce on January 8, 2005

only complain about the casinos is that theres to many old ppl and ugly ppl and leisbein only girls that look good is the cocktail ladys.

bruce on January 8, 2005

Next time you buy bigger dog,ok ?

Puppy eater on December 19, 2004

if I had a hundreth of the talent scotty does then I actually might win a game

flush80 on December 19, 2004

egg grop soup is goodi like egg rolls too

Unregistered on December 7, 2004

I can usually read players very well...but I don't think I would ever be able to get a read on Scotty through the way that he plays.

Chad on November 30, 2004

scotys is unpredictable , which is a great asset at the poker table,,coming from nothing and doing what he has is next to impossible..hes a true survivor and that goes beyond the poker world...he can be a bit brash and verbose, but hes fun to watch and hes got the braclet to back up his talk...

djnpa_30 on November 29, 2004

There is a method to Scotty's madness. He's a smart player and most times uses the drinking at the table and his wild manner to throw people off. It works. As with most aggressive players, he has problems throttling back when the situation warrants it but you can't deny the guy's success. Given his background he is truly a great guy. I really enjoy watching him play on TV and in person.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

"No, You dont show him..."

PUZa on November 16, 2004

first of all the story about the giy with k 8 was should lose playing that nonsense. second of all i think scotty plays a hell of a game, you cant put him on a hand and thats the markings of a great player. he may be a great player but he talks to much shit and thats why he is broke and needs backers every year just to get in the damn tourny

texasKINGS on November 2, 2004

I met Scotty at the Casbah nightclub at the Taj. When i asked him if he was scotty he smiled and said, YES!!! He then turned to the bartender and told them that me and 5 of my friends could put whatever we ordered on his tab!!! Very nice guy!!!!!!

Unregistered on October 21, 2004

bet bet and bet againnot afriad of anyone you gotta love it

lil DOYLE on October 20, 2004

For those who down the man. You really don't know what your talking about. You say things like"I played'em and he aint that great or how lucky he got and now he's broke". C'mon,apparently you guys are just jealous and got beat by him or were even to afraid to sit at the same table. For one he is not broke and definately does not suck. For those who have sat at a table with him and won and are now bragging know nothing of poker(u probably got lucky as everybody does from time to time)and as to the reason you have none of the accomplichments that Scotty has. He's not only my fav. player but the best I have seen. He puts people on tilt faster than anybody I know(except for maybe me). Scotty,you da man and keep it up. What goes around comes around! You know what I'm sayin.

(st louie poker pro) johnturlington on October 20, 2004

sorry for the typo's.........

johnny rod on October 20, 2004

Damn. Plays poker, hot blondes and drinks beer. He's more of a rock star than me!

N Sixx on October 18, 2004

I met Scotty Nguyen at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City at the 2004 Poker Tournament for No Limit, Texas Hold Em. It was an awesome! Nothing withstanding that when I first saw him, I said "Dude - It's Johnny Chan." Thankfully, he didn't hear that comment (or did he...?) and I followed up with "I saw you on ESPN at the WSOP" and that made him smile. We shook hands and parted ways. It was the healing salve on an otherwise bummer of an experience for my part. The drive one-way took 3 1/2 hours. Then there was the additional 45 minutes I spent standing in a very long line registering for a "Taj Card" - which allowed me to participate in the poker tournament. At the table, on the first hand I drew a Straight with a possible Flush draw showing from the flop. The turn and the river cards were off-suit. I know a Flush beats a Straight, but I couldn't bring myself to just dump the hand I was holding. I bet about half my chips...wouldn't you know it - the guy at the end is not only holding the Flush, he's holding a STRAIGHT FLUSH. The Poker Gods are cruel. On the second hand, I drew a King and 8 of diamonds suited. The guy at the end, having just taken half my chips bets heavy before the flop to drive me out - but I want to pay to see the flop, I call his bet. The flop brings a Queen, 8, 6 - all offsuit and I'm holding a pair of 8's with a King top card. I splash the pot and the guy at the end of the table raises over the top of me. I've been dying to say it since I sat I look at him and say: "I'm All In!". The turn card (4th Street) brings another 6. Now I'm sitting on two pair and feeling good. The river card comes and it's a Jack offsuit. I look at my two pair and then look down the table and the guy at the end and he turns over shows his 8, 6. I cannot believe it....he is holding a FULLHOUSE and I am gone!! The first to go at my table. Not 5 minutes of poker tournament time for the over 4 hours I spent just to get up to that moment. I find myself cussing under my breath as I make my way out of the Taj. I clear the front doors, still grumbling...and there is Scotty Nguyen, finishing a cigarette and a cell phone call. A nice ending to an otherwise awful time at the Taj.

LandInMyFuture on October 12, 2004

i calllllllll yoooooooouuuuuu

scotty nguyen on September 27, 2004

What is it with vietnam and poker,are they getting revenge on you yanks by comming over in boats and taking your money at the poker table?well done.

kenko on September 23, 2004

scotty is a crazy player, but sometimes that is what it takes to play for high stakes.oh, and no he is not related to minh nguyen

aces cracked on September 21, 2004

is he related to men nguyen

pocket7s on September 15, 2004

Scotty used to have lots of beautiful blonde playboy models around him all the time... what was he thinking when he married his current wife?!?! Must've had a few too many brewskies.

What's scotty thinking on September 14, 2004

scotty should be recognized as the best poker player in the world

nguyen big on September 1, 2004

dude...Scotty Nguyen is the man...for all the people who are hating on him try doing half as much as he's done...try winning the main event before u start talking trash...keep michelob comming baby

LoveOnADiet on August 23, 2004

Scotty Is Such A Cool Guy!!! Just Yesterday Four Of Us Were Standing In Line For The Bellagio Buffet, He Passed Us By In The "express Line" And One Of Us Noticed Him And Screamed His Name. He Took The Four Of Us Out Of The Regular Line And Hooked Us Up With Vip Passes For The Buffet!!! How Awesome Is That!

SU. on August 22, 2004

i think its good that scotty has done well for himself, i know where he's coming from

Me. on August 21, 2004

Has become something of a final table bottler of late.

kenko on August 10, 2004

I saw him at the Mirage this past weekend! He is so nice and I love how he ends every sentence with "baby"...haha. He made it to the final table but I don't know who won because I didn't arrive in time to be a studio audience.Besides all of this, I love how he plays. PLAY TO WIN BABY!!

Unregistered on August 4, 2004

it was a 83os... you people need to pay more attention or go back to the video

Unregistered on August 4, 2004

Its A Shame Is Always Drunk Probably Why He Plays Like He Does

Unregistered on August 1, 2004

scotty nguyen is one of the toughest players ive played against. he had me dumbfounded when he knocked me out in a 2003 wsop tournament. you never know what he could be holding..hes amazing...great player

efc12345 on July 29, 2004

In my opinion Scotty is one of the best poker players in the world. He can Bluff anyone and he takes people out of hands by talking at the table.

DJ. on July 26, 2004

He is entertainment babey and has the skils to back it up!

D zientek on July 25, 2004

hall inn baybee!!!

Unregistered on July 24, 2004

I used to play with Scotty in a high stakes cash game at the Belagio. I could steam roll him by putting him to tough decisions all night.

donald on July 21, 2004

this guy is a very good poker player , and altough i just learned what poker was and how to play it i hope i will become as good as him! SCOTTY ROX!

Milad/Masih//l8r on July 18, 2004

why pick on his mom?

what? on July 14, 2004

I have noticed if he gets to the final table as of late he goes out early.

Ron on July 14, 2004

Some people laud Scotty as an agressive and confident player. When I examine his poker game his decisions at the tables reflect stupidity and wrecklessness. If he was a fantastic poker player as the shocking numbers of people seem to believe, then he wouldn't be a broke, one-time wonder. Scotty is a trash-talking moron who needs a little LasVegas queer-eye to take away his ghetto-gold and fix his hair. He is a cancer to the poker world and I cringe whenever the unlikely odds place his wreckless/stupid style at a final table--which only gives him more opportunities to run his big mouth. Why does anyone like this guy? He is shameful, and his mom is shameful too.

I am Shameful/Mrs. Nguyen on July 12, 2004

Soctty is a Pimp and he got HIS PICTURE ON THE WALL!!!

Scotty2Hotty on July 6, 2004

Scottie is THE MAN! BAY-BEEEE!!!!!

The Nature Boy on July 3, 2004

And I have a mullet!!!! Go Scottie BAY-BEE!!!!!Mullet Nation rocks on!!!! We'll be watchin' 2004 WSOP!!!

The Nature Boy on July 3, 2004

Its a good thing you still dont have that mullet Scotty, or else I would have to beat the living piss out of you. NEVER SURRENDER!!

Corey Hart on June 25, 2004

I think Mr. Nguyen needs to grow back that mullet!

RickJames on June 18, 2004

Nice mullet. you call you lose baby!

Billy Zane on June 9, 2004

what happened to scotty at wsop 2004?

jtpleiku on June 6, 2004

Scotty is my favorite! I have never seen someone who is more confident then this guy! And don't forget his bling bling!

Lisa/littleoanh/Davidhuang04 on June 4, 2004

This is one guy id rather not play against. Its very hard to know when to fire when playing him. He could have just about anything

Incubusfan72 on May 30, 2004

Way way is right he is broke

Wookie on May 30, 2004

Scotty, go bluff yourself. You were a 4-8 players borrowing money ten years ago. You got lucky to win the WSOP and now you are still borrowing to play big games!

JSP from Cleveland, Tennessee on May 30, 2004

keep the Michelob comin' baby!!

mmm beer on May 27, 2004

too much, this guy is flat broke, he needs money bad. sorry scotty but your time has come to put on the mcdonalds hat and take a order. hahahahahahaha

way way waty on May 21, 2004

sorry pal- 7/4

strait2dace on May 20, 2004

I love to watch him play, and I love his style of play. He does have a good personality, laughs a lot, and pretty much exemplifies the whole Vegas persona - jewelry, etc. But, he is the worst dresser I have ever seen. His clothes are so cheesy it's bad even for Vegas. Any HOT? C'mon - there isn't a woman in the world who can really say this guy is hot. My God - his hair alone prevents anyone from thinking he's attractive. One of my favorite players nonetheless, but c'mon......

Buckeyedog on May 20, 2004

it was 83 with the bluff not 74

it dosent matter on May 19, 2004

duma d-unit

yeecell on May 18, 2004

yet baby...sometimes they like the nut

yeecell on May 18, 2004

i played with scotty about a month ago, and just sittin at the table with him is intimidating enough, he uses his rep for an advantage, which is genuis.

adam y0 on May 17, 2004

Best bluff ever! 7/4, said he thought he was playing black jack? LOL... I LOVE IT! If there is a rock star of poker, it's this guy! I wish more poker players had his aggressiveness and humor! I love guys like Howard Lederer for their great math skills, but Scotty is an entertainer! Poker needs more of that! And he has the best fashion sense!

jmarlowe on May 17, 2004

Scotty has real BALLS!!!!

jackten on May 15, 2004

have you ever seen his wife? God she's hideous. I think he married her for citizenship.

hot on May 12, 2004

THATS NO LIMIT BABY! This guy is incredible, great talent, intimidating (see the infamous '21' hand at the WSOP 2003), tough to beat... definitly in the top five in the world, BABY.

SP. on May 10, 2004

One word...Hottie!!!

Shelly Ralston on April 26, 2004

take the next big one baby and then call me!!! we meet on the top of eifel tower!

hilwy on April 17, 2004

Scotty nguyen is awesome. I was watching the 2003 championships, and it was great to see him bluff out Humberto on a 10/A, then say he thought he was playing blackjack. To see him win on a 3/2 kicker was the greatest thing I've ever seen. Everytime I play Texas Hold'em, I always do the " Yea Baby" phrase of Scotty nguyen himself. It's always fun to watch him in action.

Elson > elsosuic on April 10, 2004

Scotty is one of the best, entertaining, and delightful players to watch. He can take some chances and he can really be aggressive.

J.. on March 29, 2004

"Posted by: JL on Feb 03, 2004 Good comment...this guy is a professional poker player and all you can comment on are his clothes and looks. That's why girls suck at poker."

get a life. that's the most asinine thing i've ever - sorry about 2004 scotty :(

Unregistered on March 15, 2004

Scotty yea hes the best hes not afraid to lose his chip hes a beast

ASDLFJ on March 2, 2004

scotty lost this year in WSOP on total bs.. but i guess you cant win all of them

nimrod on February 28, 2004

Scotty is the man. When he went all in against Jonathon Kaplan w/ 10's and Kaplan had JJ. Scotty's facial expression when he nods, cracked me up for hours.

wseonline on February 28, 2004

Come on Scotty you better then that, 2004 is all your's BABY!!!!!!!!!

BillyTSlim on February 24, 2004

right because no one takes chances in poker. To say someone is bad at poker you would have to follow them around for a year and watch them lose time after time. Scotty is the man

Hintz on February 23, 2004

not too special. i played with him, and he take too many chances.

rookie on February 12, 2004

I enjoy watching Scooty play. One of the better players around.

Whimmy on February 11, 2004

He's a great player....I'll give you that, but HOT!

FSU1 on February 4, 2004

Good comment...this guy is a professional poker player and all you can comment on are his clothes and looks. That's why girls suck at poker.

Unregistered on February 2, 2004

Scotty Nguyen Is the best poker player!!! I love him, his clothes, EVERYTHING about him! He is just HOT!

megan on January 29, 2004

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