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DerekBarrett 06-15-04 12:04 AM

My personal tournament strategy
In tournaments I like to play aggressive in the beginning and take down a decent sized pot. If I can't take one down early on... no problem, I still have other hands and chances to build my chip stacks. I consider myself to be pretty tight in tournaments. Well, very tight at times. I do well the way I play in tournaments. Heads up is not a problem, just keep trapping them... every once in a while bet your trips on the flop to throw them off. My tournament strategy is just playing tight. Loosen up later maybe.


PokerEnterprises 09-02-04 02:17 PM

premium hands
I only play premium hands I feel that if I can steal a pot or two during the first few rounds its cool but I will only turn over the nut hands .Always willing to take that best hand all the way :D

Unregistered (Chad) 09-30-04 02:04 PM

In response to Derek
I use a very similar strategy. It is usually a coin flip near the start. You will either go home early or make it to the final table. It is risky, but that's gambling.

LugNutz 10-07-04 05:27 AM

I never ever ever ever advertise hoping for future action. I feel any informtion I give to other players is too much... I prefer to be the one doing the gathering.


Mark 11-26-04 08:19 AM

My personal tournament strategy
I don't understand lugnuts comment. I use everyhand to set up later hands. I will often chase a flush against a tight player HOPING to lose a very small pot and change my table image. Or steal a few blinds not worring about if i get cuaght becuase i can use that too. Remember what you did earlier just as much as you remember what other people did. Molding your image to the table is one of the most important apsect to the game...I don't like it when another player can't get a read on me, I would rather have them think they have a read on me. If he thinks he has a read on you, mistakes will come by the truck load....Cheers

Chad 11-26-04 10:25 AM

Hey Mark, you drunk yet?

Unregistered 11-29-04 01:11 PM

Im with Mark on that i play to throw of people all the time you must play for future hands sometimes losing a pot or 2 is a good thing down the road when you slow play the chip leader with the nuts.

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