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alsace 12-31-03 06:00 PM

Bad Beat Thread
$20 limit multi table. 156 players 33 remaining. dealt AA blinds are $100-$200 I am small Blind, i raise to $600 all but 1 fold. He stays on 7 8 off suit!!!!!!!!!! the flop comes down 7 9 4, I go All-in $3500, he calls. 4th street 8 the river 7.... i lose! too often this happens, what did I do wrong?

MoeDogg 01-05-04 09:56 PM

Party Poker
The Second Single Table Tournament For The Night, On About The Fourth Hand I Caught A Pair Of Sixes In The Hole And It Came Down, 6h, 8d, 10d, So I Checked Hoping To Lure Some Folks In, The Next Guy Did A Marginal Raise, Another Guy Called And So Did I, Next Card Was A Jd, So Now My Set Of 6's Is Losing To D Flush, Most Likely, So I Checked Again, Next Guy Raises, Third Guy Jumps Out. I'm Thinking Im Beat For Sure, But If A J, 8, 10, Or 6 Comes Down, I've Got It, So I Call And Bam 8s Comes Off, I Figure Im A Lock, With 6's Full Of 8's, So I Check And He Comes Out Firing Again, I'm Thinking He Doesn't Even See Me Coming, So I Raise All In, He Calls Without Blinking, And Throws Down J, 8! Topping My Boat With His Dang Yacht. I Was Pissed, But I'd Do The Same Thing Over Again.

bundyesq 01-11-04 01:53 AM

three times in two weeks (twice in two days) playing in satellites to WSOP or WPT I ran into the following: three handed play; one is short stack, i'm in the middle, third is table leader. I draw pocket pair (1st = jacks, 2d = deuces, 3d time = 8's) and call. No raises. Flop gives me a set each time; short stack goes all in with top pair or two pair; i go all in with my set; table leader calls us both with wither a flush draw or a straight draw; the turn helps no one; and the leader makes either his straight of flush on the river. last night was at the final table of WSOP sat and similarly, had wired pair and made set on the flop - first position goes all in and i call; turn helps no one, and river makes his flush - i'm out again (in 5th place).

Casino Hand 01-16-04 05:50 AM

Was playing 20/40 limit hold'em at the borgota in atlantic city NJ was in the big blind with 3 5 of Spades. As the action went around everyone folded and when it got to the button he raised my big blind, after the small blind folded i called the raise. The flop came A 2 4 all spades i flopped a straight flush or the steel wheel as it is referred to. the button had K J of spades so he flopped the nut flush as well. After reraising each other about 12 times we asked the floorperson if we could skip the bets and raises and just move all in on the hand. He allowed us to put all of our chips into the pot when i showed my hand the other guy was about to cry, but sure enough the turn came the Q of spades and the river the 10 of spades turning my straight flush into the second best hand since he now had a royal flush......Lost about $1500 on that one

RIPTESTES 01-21-04 09:46 AM

Ultimate Bet
Check this hand out....2-4 NLH........i am in BB with KT offsuit.......BB calls, everyone else folds. heads up, i check. flop is T 7 7. Now that is great news, so i overbet the pot to take it there, for about $20. he smooth calls me. i figure he's got overcards.......Turn is a T. Now that is great news. i bet 40, he raises to 120, and i go all in for about 40 more. about a $400 pot. river is a T!!!!!!!! but wait, what did BB have???? 77!!! YOWZA!~

whut 01-26-04 01:43 PM

that borgata hand sounds pretty fishy to me.

PopoTanuk 01-31-04 05:40 PM

Well heres a pretty bad beat. I'm a pretty conservative player, so I usually don't play too many hands unless they have some sort of value. So, I'm BB and no one raises. I have complet trash 7-5 off suite, but the flop gives me a str8 (3-4-6 rainbow) Since it was a no limit sit and go I rose 400 got re-risen and then went allin for 2500 worth of chips. Only one guy calls, and he had pp 8's so I feel pretty good about it. Of course it happens, 8 on the turn, 3 on river to give him a miracle FH over me.

brandon1982 02-05-04 09:37 PM

I got a free play in the BB with 3-4 suited, there was only one other player in the hand. He had K6 of hearts and stayed in for some reason. The flop came down 4-4-3!!! I was thinking about how to capitalize. There were 2 hearts on the board and he was chasing the flush. The turn brought a 6, giving him 2 pair. I went all-in and he called with his 2 pair (?). The river brought....another 6, giving him a better FH. I lost all my money and now I'm broke as a joke, after thinking I was going to double up. It sucks.

Wyrmbait 02-11-04 01:33 AM

Playing $2.00/$4.00 limit tables. This was a Tripple Beat down I took 3 hands in a row. First hand I am in 3 bet pre-flop hand with KK and about 4 other players. Flop comes up with a K and junk. Bets go around and it ends up myself and 2 others. Turn is junk and another leaves. 3 Kings are the best possible hand at this point and I am heads up. River is an Ace and yep, you know it. He hold AA. Beat down number 1. Second hand I in with A8 suited. Cards come up A 8 5 5 8 with lots of betting and 4 of us in at the end for all 4 bets after the river. The for final hands are 55588, 88855, 888AA (me) and AAA88 (same guy as the hand before) Beat down number 2. Third hand I hold AA and flop comes down 2 7 X with no flush. I bet into and only myself and my arch rival are left. River ends with a 2 and yep, you know it. He came in on my pre-flop raise with 7 2 off suite in the Big Blind. After that I went and made myself a stiff drink.

johnxshin 02-16-04 05:30 AM

$100 no rebuy tournament. There were about 50 players and I'm in the final 5. 4th place on, you're in the money. I sit on a short stack when the blinds are $250 and $500. I'm on the button and both players before me fold. I get dealt K/J of diamonds. I go all in for $4000. Small blind folds, big blind calls me all in WITH A 6/9 OF DIAMONDS. Flop comes K,10,Q. no diamonds. Turn comes a JACK. I lose to the king high straight. TELL ME THAT'S NOT BULL SH-IT~!

CollegePrez 02-21-04 09:27 AM

THE $1,000 ONE OUTER Omaha Hi Lo, NL $1-$2 blinds. Dealt AhAcKdTd. A little bit of betting preflop. Flop Ad Qh Jd. I flop broadway, top set, nut flush draw, ROYAL flush draw. UTG bets out $150. Next player calls. I go all-in for $310 total. Both call. Turn 6d, I made nut flush. River is Jc. I am Aces Full, UTG is Queens full (QcQs2?4?), middle player is quad jacks JhJs2?5?). That Jack was the only card in the deck that could beat me, as the case queen would have given me the ROYAL. Nearly $1000 pot I miss, and my entire bankroll is GONE.

texasrob 02-26-04 01:24 PM

in final 12 in 100NL tourney. about 15K in cips top 3rd ofthose left. Pocket JJ. I raise BB, flop J33 to make full house JJJ33, so I go all in. Get called....turn 3, river 3, lose to pair of pocket 33 four of a kind. Same player, chip leader at the time, (pockt AA) draws trip aces to beat another all in 3 hands earlier.

qben21 03-02-04 05:20 PM

I was dealt AA, made a medium size raise and got 2 callers. Flop was A, J, J, I make a bet, one folds the other raises, with J, 8, or something. I put him all in and he catches his only out (the last J) on the river.

elvisbum 03-07-04 09:17 PM

$20+$2 single table NL hold 'em tourney. Down to four players (3 pays) and the guy to my left has a monster chip lead that he's using to bully the rest of us out of our blinds on every single hand. The thing is though, he's actually calling with his garbage when he's reraised - just because he can afford to. I have already watched him double up the other two players this way. I catch Jh,Js in the big blind and like clock work this guy makes the minimum raise under the gun. The other two guys fold and I figure that, at best, this bully has either A - rag or K-rag and this may be my chance to double up so I reraise all-in. He calls and when I see that he's holding 2h, 2d I'm even more excited cuz he's only got two outs. The flop comes: Jd, 4c, Ad. I hit my set and I'm thinking that's the nail in the coffin. Turn comes 9d. River comes 5d. He wins with a diamond flush - deuce high! Now if he had caught a 2 and I didn't catch my J that's a different story that I don't bother telling because that will happen every now and then. But a flush!? What are the odds of that? And because he had deuces, the only way he could win with a flush is with exactly 4 diamonds on the board. 3 diamonds and the pot is mine. 5 diamonds and we split it.

stevieflemmi 03-13-04 01:14 AM

Empire Poker
I was playing in Empire Poker in a NL game. With my buy in of 100,000 chips. The cards were dealt and i had 2-8 of clubs. I went ahead and bet 25,000 to scare some people off. It worked because 3 players(out of 7) remained in the pot. The flop was 6 of CLUBS, 9 of hearts and 9 of CLUBS. I then bet 35,000 and scared off the person to my left(I was on a flush draw). The person in the last seat called and the Turn came. It was Jack of clubs giving me the flush. I then checked and the other person also checked(Im pretty sure we had just about an equal amount of money). The river came it was like a 3 of hearts but more importantly i bet all-in my 40,000 left not fooling around. The other player quickly called and the cards were turned over . He had flopped a full-house 9s full of 6s. His card were 6-9 off suit. I will always remember this tough beat.

JGAVI 03-18-04 05:11 AM

Party Poker
2/4 hold em: I had Kh 10s; flop came Ah Qh Jh for top straight and the royal flush draw turn and river came Q Q and I lost to quads.

auggiebendog 03-23-04 09:07 AM

Party Poker
This is the worst beat ever, I dare someone to top this. Okay, I have pocket 88, flop comes 8 5 2, I have the nuts. I check it of course. The button bets the pot (4$), he has 66. I call, the turn is a 6. So I check again and he bets harder 8$. I\'m worried about a straight chase so I go all in over the top. Turns out he had no shot a the straight. My set of 8\'s vs his set of 6\'s and only the river to go. 100$ plus pot on the all ins. He was one out to hit on the river, the 6, and the six comes down. TOP THAT!!!

Magus978 03-28-04 01:04 PM

Fun Algieba I won the 5,000 + main pot with an Ace High Flush...someone else took an over 7,000 pot with a STRAIGHT FLUSH, King High. If that doesn\'t classify as a bad beat, I don\'t know what does :(

mahnomen casino 04-02-04 05:01 PM

i got beat, badly

illman69 04-07-04 08:57 PM

live Game
playin .25 .50 nl home game . I was dealt 33 in first position i raised it 2 to go. small blind and bb call. flop come 4q3. small blind checks, bb bets $5 i raised 5, small blind folds bb raises me $20 more i call and raise $17 more call all in he flips over q6, i have 33 trip 3\'s against pair of queens turn comes 7 river comes 5 , wow!!!!!! that is a beat what are the odds

played01 04-13-04 12:54 AM

live game
In I live game I have a stack of about 150-200 bucks, guy on my right is BB and holds about 300 and has been overplaying garbage the whole night. I am under the gun and find two black nines in my hand, so I know this guy is reraising before the flop with marginal hands so I raise twice the big blind, folds around to him, he reraises me about 3/4 of my stack, I take a moment to think about this and decide to go for it, pushing the rest of mine in. He calls immediately, I say, What you got Kings? he says not that good and turns over what else but the red nines!!!!! I say well looks like we\'re getting our money back. Flop comes 10c 4d 6d followed, to my complete amazement, by 8d Ad, the most improbable beat I have ever seen, I guess its not much of a beat, because the hand would have been split, but still, come on!!!!!!!!

oldLLAMA 04-18-04 04:51 AM

live game
This could be the greatest beat of all time, mostly because I happened to be on the winning side, in a tourney final table I was on a very low stack, maybe1/3 of the highest on the table. I am in the small blind with 68s, I call, big blind makes min raise, I call plus one other caller. Flop comes 5s 5c 7s, I bet half of my stack on this draw (the best flop I had seen in a while) and get raised the rest of it by the high stack to my left, who is then called by the third guy in the table, I call the all in, but they want to side pot, turn comes 7h, first guy make substantial bet, second guy raises all in, quickly called: flip the cards...guy to my left has 7d7c, other guy has 5h5d, we all know what i had when God reached down from heaven on the river and he did decree: NINE OF SPADES

2004 WSOP 04-23-04 08:48 AM

2004 Wsop
A hand happened in the WSOP that is the worst beat possible(stastically over 1000-1). I guy named Gallager had 5-5 raised preflop, got reraised to heads up and then called the reraise. The flop came 5-5-7 rainbow. Gallager checks and the other guy goes all in. Of course the 5\'s almost beat him in the pot. He shows 9-9. Not a bad bet consideing the flop and the overpair. But he was packing his stuff to leave when he saw the quad fives. Unfortunately he had to sit back down as the turn and river came 9-9. NOW THAT IS A BAD BEAT.

JJJ 04-28-04 12:44 PM

On the button with AQhearts bet half my stack (about 6x\'s the BB)hoping to steal, at which the small blind says: pre-flop raising is stupid and he calls. Flop comes A,K,10 (2 hearts), he checks, i\'m all-in and he calls (about 1/2 of his stack). Turn brings a 6, river brings a 4 and all the money goes to him because.....he called with 6,4 offsuit!!! 90-1 favorite on the flop 13-1 on the turn and he wins. True Poker.com the real deal yeah right...

kennyz1979 05-03-04 04:41 PM

Paradise Poker
Its the Paris free roll qualifier i have about 24,000 dollars their is about 178 people left top 50 gets seat in final. Might not be big deal to most but to me it was anyways. I get ace spade and 10 clubs and i call flop comes up A hearts Ace clubs and 6 hearts Wow i floped three of a kind so i go all in i didnt want anymore cards to be turned over to give the guy the advantage. Well he calls he has the flush draw just needs one more heart to get the flush, The turn is a heart no four of a kind for me no full house but a flush for him no wpt final lol.

Unregistered 05-08-04 08:38 PM

High-Stakes Home Game
I am at a friends house playing high-stakes No limit hold \'em, there were only five of us playing at the table. ($100-$500 buy in, $5/$10 blinds). One player folds in front of me, I am before the dealer and I fold [2c/6h], after me the dealer folds. Anyway, the small blind calls the blind and raises $100, at this point we are all thinking there is no way the big blind will call that unless he is holding a monster. My friend, the big blind, calls the $100 and reraises another $100, me and the other players are all stund at this point, the small blind reraises him all-in quickly. My friend moves his chips in and they flip their cards...the small blind has [Ah/Ac], here is the crazy part...my friend has [As/Ad]. We all stand up amazed and laugh about it, we are all thinking split pot. Well we have to show the board cards. The first card is [9s], second card is [Jh], and the third card to end the flop was the [3s]. I look at the flop and say, Runner spades...everyone gets quiet and we watch 4th street and the river... both cards spades...the [Ks] and the [6s] giving my friend a spade flush. It may not have been the worst bad beat...but it was a CRAZY bad beat.

Unregistered 05-14-04 12:35 AM

home tourney
i was dealt AsQs suited we stared with about 500 in chips and i was doing fairly well i was about double around 1000 the guy across the tabe raised so 100 so i called the flop is KcJcTs i bet 400 he raises me all/in so im very happy and call the guy was trying to buy the pot with 3c2h he woulda had about 100 left and i would really be in a good position with aroud 2g but the turn was 4c and the river was Tc i was pretty broken hearted. But thats my worst

youngone48 05-19-04 04:31 AM

I was in little blind so i called with K4 offsuit, flop comes AAK so i bet 200 thinkin im good so the guy next to me raises me all in so i call thinkin im good its about 1500 in chips,he went all in with 10 4 the turn comes Q and the river is a J so he wins with a A10 straight and i get screwed over with 2 good pair.

Unregistered 05-24-04 08:28 AM

Live Game
After Three Years Of Sucessful Internet Play I Decide It\'s Time For Live Action.i\'m At A Nl ($250 Buy-in) Game Playing Eight Handed. Over Three Hours Of Play I\'m Doing Well, My Stack Is About $600. The Guy In Seat 1 Is The Only One With More Chips, He Has About $750. I\'m In The Big Bind And An Early Position Raises To $15. There Are 2 Callers And Then It\'s On The Small Blind (guy With $750), He Re-raises To $30. I Look Down To Find Pocket Aces. The Question Is How To Play. I Raise To $60 Knowing Most Will Fold, And They Do Except For The Small Blind Who Moves All-in For $750. I Call And, As I Expected, It Was My A-a -vs- K-k. The Flop Is 10-q-4, The Turn 4, The River Was A King Of Course. I Know There Are A Lot Worse Beats In This Section,(some Of Which I Doubt, However Possible They May Be). I Just Thought I\'d Share My First Live One With You.

mrdarkhorse 05-29-04 12:25 PM

I was delt AA in early position with a stack of 9000. Raised 2000 hoping for one call. The person on the button reraises me 6000 more which put him all in. I immediatly call. He flips over AK and I thought I had the hand (being about 95% favorite). However to my surprise the flop came 3KK.....

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