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Pokerzone 07-23-16 07:46 AM

What you listen when playing poker ?
A nice mix to listen while playing poker...


What is your suggestion ?

DaveRouleau 10-12-16 03:16 PM

Anything but metal
Good question! I'm a huge metalhead, but also opened to pretty much any kind of music. However, when I'm at the table (live, online), I'm all about soothing and relaxing beats that can get me into the game... focus!n Also, Howard Stern does a pretty good job of keeping me company

EmilAlmen 12-01-16 09:17 AM

Nice song dude!

RickyStar 01-25-17 02:53 AM

If I'm playing online I'll listen to music but I actually think it's a bit rude when you're at a live game to sit at a table and listen to music.

daver44 11-15-17 05:39 AM

i like to play poker and listen classic rock

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