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Unregistered 03-26-05 07:00 PM

zam, he called him an arab because he is from tehran which is the capital city of one of the 195 countries of the world. find an updated world map and look for it. good luck.

JetsFan315 03-28-05 07:00 PM

he is too much of a bragger but he is a good player

angels lily 04-03-05 07:00 PM

Like to watch Antonio play but would not like to play poker against him though.

Anahita 04-28-05 07:00 PM

I have never seen or heard about Antonio, until now. First of all Iranians are not Arabs!! We are not related to Osama. You people have a whole lot of time on your hands to sit here and arugue with one another. I would like to congratdulate Antonio with his accomplishments. Your are a strong Iranian. But please be proud of where you came from. Good luck in the future.

loser 05-01-05 07:00 PM

I feel guilty. I beat this idiot up in the Bellagio parking lot and took his last $4000. Sorry. I'll give you lessons to make up for it.

HEATHER R 05-16-05 07:00 PM

I am so confused as to why the excessive bashing of this guy..... I would hate to think your all player haters...... I bet you are the same jerks at the table acting like a**holes as well, I dont think it has anything to do with Antonio, but your own miserable lives..... get over it!

Antonio Esfandiari 05-18-05 07:00 PM

Thank you Heather, there are always people who are jealuos of sucessful people

Dirk Diggler 05-23-05 07:00 PM

Good player but he is too self induced to become great.

PAsha 05-29-05 07:00 PM

Hey The Magician just took 3rd in a WSOP no limit tournament. Another final table under his belt :D...

Who Cares 05-30-05 07:00 PM

So what, third is just second loser.

da bagsta 05-31-05 07:00 PM

yo antonio sux man he loses from every1 but sumtimez gets lucky and thats how he wins...I'm pretty sure he cant even beat me hahahaha.

Unregistered 06-11-05 07:00 PM

eh retards talk smack about esfandiari after u make urselves multimillionares in one year off of just poker. hes a really aggressive player who'll take all ur money and wipe his ass with it.

Unregistered 06-14-05 07:00 PM

I'm sure the Fagician needs a bunch of illiterate rejects to stick up for him. Not everyone is here for an Antonio love fest, some people don't like him, so get the hell over it.

BNB 06-16-05 07:00 PM

Anyone that calls himself Dirk Diggler, must have some issues about his real size!

HEATHER NICOLE 06-29-05 07:00 PM

Wow Its Been A While Since Ive Seen This Site. I Took A Glimps Through And Just Want To Clean Some Things Up. Im The Real Heather That Is In Love With Antonio Lol.

Ida in LA 07-03-05 07:00 PM

WOW! I'm shocked by the hostility and ignorance in some of your posts. It's really sad how being successful in the public eye can bring jealousy and negativity to such a genuinely good person. Antonio..........I wish you all the best.

James 07-03-05 07:00 PM

Yes but he's not one of the successful pros out there. He's essentially a noob. Hardly someone to idolize...maybe wait a few years

James 07-03-05 07:00 PM

A magician? jesus i just read that lol

Ida in LA 07-05-05 07:00 PM

Oh, yeah, I forgot. I don't know the guy, so me saying he is a genuinely good person is about as stupid as saying that I have a clue. Maybe I should STFU and go hang myself.

Mark Kawayoshi 07-05-05 07:00 PM

I saw you on TV and I was thinking, is that Anthony from high school? Good to see you are doing quite well. Take care.

Rich Nguyen 07-05-05 07:00 PM

hey good luck to you all the way man

JetsFan315 07-06-05 07:00 PM

some ppl overestimate him and some underestimate him. He is a good pro but not a great.

Alesya/Shorty/alesyawright 07-10-05 07:00 PM

What a great player =-)

CheckFolder/PokerStars 07-13-05 07:00 PM

This guy is a cocky little prick, he cries like a baby when he's outplayed and even changed his name so he wouldn't get red- flagged at teh airport! LOL

schneid 07-15-05 07:00 PM

I personally played with Antonio's father in a cash game at the WSOP for about 15 hours. Antonio came over and said hi, and was very friendly. His brother Paul also played a bit in the game and was a nice guy. Their father was fun to play with and they are a tight-knit family.

PokerVertigo 07-17-05 07:00 PM

Good player, but needs to lose the obnoxious wave and attitude. To those that are calling him gay, why do you say that?, on TV they usually show him with a girl on each arm.

Lone Dude 07-17-05 07:00 PM

this guy is great! you have to love his style!

btw 07-20-05 07:00 PM


Sade 07-20-05 07:00 PM

Biggest nerd ever.

meh 07-22-05 07:00 PM

his girlfiend is hot and he plays good poker I can't complain. This site is aweomse.

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