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Thumbs up tight vs loose

Tight, early in tourney, then loose later, and noone suspects a thing. I mean if youre perceived as a rock, who will gamble with a rock? (the maniac? )
A license-to-steal is the true payoff for a rock player. Plus all the time sitting, waiting for a hand, lets a rock, if theyre a good player that is, see who is weak, who is strong, or will defend their blinds and whatnot. A rock can last until the end and the blinds are big enough then to do some "good" gambling. Plus the info, if theyve been paying attention, that the rock has learned, identifying the players and such, should pay off . Its still poker though, and nothings guaranteed.
But the percentages/odds count, and Rock's gettin his money in with some goods. Or else he's bluffing... who would know?
The maniac cant bluff as easily/effectively. (More inclined to call a maniac.) and when its shorthanded, noone gets great starters consistently, and if a rock is in it, are you gonna call and be out if wrong. maniacs got to go about it opposite though. A little tighter on the end if they make it, because by then the rocks are alive and gambling. At least they better be.