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This is not the case

[QUOTE=Chad]Well, playing ultra tight is really the only way you can win limit games consistently. I, personally do not have the patience to play those kinds of games. Playing ultra tight in a no limit game usually relies on luck. Ultra tight players are usually pretty easy to bluff out in a no limit game. If they only call you, then it is usually pretty obvious that you are in for a nasty trap. It is hold to fold marginal hands at times, but you must do that around these kinds of players. [QUOTE]

You are wrong about making money in limit is only through playing ultra tight play. Let me give an example. Your in a 2 4 game and the pot is 12 small bets and your on an open ended straight draw. If you call the one small bet you are getting 6 to 1 on your money for a draw that will hit nearly 30 percent of the time or 4.75 to 1 break even odds. The right thing to do here is to call at the least and it may be better to raise depending on if your cards are overs or not. An "ultra tight" player may not even be in at this point. You make money by playing this right and thus you have positive expectation. The 70 percent you don't hit is less money than the 30 percent or so you do hit. Poker is gambling, pot odds, and expectation/probability. Not playing aces and/or kings. That's easy. I played this way and learned I could leave a 2 4 or 3 6 game up 20 bucks after 6 hours woopty doo. If you play the way I am describing above you make more money. I suggest reading Small Stakes Hold 'Em by Miller, Sklansky, and Malmuth as they explain these things much better than I do. The simple truth is ultratight is ultrawrong if you want to make a lot of money. If you want to win your buy in to the next home game go for ultra tight.