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I was playing in a 9 person $50 sit and go NL game. There were 6 left and I was second in chips with about 2000. I had K3 and was in the big blind. There were a couple calls and I checked. The flop came K 2 3. I had top two pair on the flop. I raised about 400 and got one caller. The turn was a two. I bet about 500 and the guy called, so now I\'m worried that he has a 2. Luckily the river is a king so I have the boat kings full of threes. I go all in and much to my surprise I am called. Of the 169 possible hands in poker, only one can beat me and that is 2 2, and guess what the guy has- yep 2 2. That dropped me down well into last place with like 200 chips.