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River Belle

Im playing in a satellite to the world championship PL tournament in Dublin Ireland....Top 3 get a $12,000 all expenses paid prize package. There are 5 people left and I am 2nd in chips...Chip leader is on my right and in the small blind as I am the big blind...He is guaranteed a trip if he just sits out with so many chips...He is at about 125k and I am at 60k....blinds are 8k and 16k...He raises the small blind too 50k and obvious blind steal...I have pocket queens...He thinks the entire time and of course he calls the 10k raise...He flips over 2 4 offsuit...Im thinking in off to ireland...Flop comes 3 6 j....turn is a 10 and the river is, you guessed it the 5, for his gut shot straight...$100 consolation prize i got