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NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT CHASE FLUSH DRAW! No Limit Texas Hold \'Em is painfully ironic, and unfair, at times. At a 0.50-1.00 NL table, I was dealt AK Spades. To slow play the hand, I simply called at the table with 7 other players. Action moved to the big blind before the flop was seen, and, with three callers including the SB, BB bets $10. I considered my options, and decided to just call, while everyone else folded. Flop brought 2S, 5S and J of Diamonds. I placed my opponent on a pocket pair or two suited paints, but wanted to see my flush first. I called a $15 bet on fourth (10 Spades, no flush) and had to fold on the river (10 diamonds). He exposed his cards ... pocket 3s. Cruel ...