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My bad luck has continued but seem to still be grinding profitable sessions. I can definately say that I can put a few hundred in losses down to bad play due to tilt, it shouldnt happen at all but losing 1 or 2 buyins to steam isn't the worst thing to happen to my bankroll. True words though VA, having some time off is the best way to be mostly playing your A game and your bankroll is what it is, instead of seeing 2k down, i have to see 6.8k up, the glass is half full and all that.

Funny thing is I predicted this tidal wave 1 week before it happened, not because im pesamistic but because of a sentence I read in 'The maths of poker' which said that if you remove money from your bankroll on a regular basis, you are 99.99...% to go broke. I say ive got a $6,850 but I have removed $3k of that to pay bills and live etc. This downswing wasnt just bad luck but imminent. However good you are you wont get away from the fact that you will definately swing down atleast 20 buyins at some point, it's a question of when.

Ive had a day off, mostly due to an epic hangover, but back on it again tomorrow. Im loving heads up cash games at mo, and totally found why previously I had being doing quite badly. If you look up the stats of everyone sat waiting at heads up .5/1 tables, 90% of them are up thousands, all the best players wait there, now I sit on an empty table and wait for players to sit with me and usually they will be a donkey. This has helped soooo much and answered that niggling question of why I suck at headsup! I had been sitting with poker geniuses the whole time.

Am certain I won't hit my $20k in 8 months now, but am pretty sure I will get there this year or early next, just been a change in plans and need to get a job so I stop taking money out my bankroll.