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[quote=Lottery Larry;209616]If you pushed preflop on the first hand of the WSOP with Aces, you should want as many callers as possible./quote]

Although I don't particularly disagree. I would think that successful tourney players balance equity vs. staying alive. Although you would have a good chance at going from T10,000 to T100,000, there is also the fact that the chip leader on Day 1 has never won the tournament (I believe). I believe big chip leads in the middle and late end of the tournament are big advantages which allow you to run over other players. But a big chip lead early in the tournament doesn't seem to mean much.

In other words, should you look at the risk-adjusted equity (similar to stocks)? What if a good player feels that he could get up to T100,000 without taking that much risk? Could the answer therefore be . . .

- if a player is a +EV player than he should weigh the risk of elimination vs the odds of building up his stake otherwise

- if a player is a -EV player then he should take any positive equity opportunitity he is given