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Betting the Pocket Pair

Ok, now that you know the top 10 hands in Hold\'em, lets learn how to best represent them (or any pocket pair) before the flop.

Lets say that:
-You are in a 5 handed 5/10 NL game.
-You are on the button with 7d, 7s.
-The first person to act folds, the person in 2nd position calls the Big Blind
-With only 1 other caller in the hand the correct thing to assume is that the small blind will call and the big blind will check.
-Your action at this point would be to raise, Makeing it 2 (or 3) bets to go. IF the person in 2nd position would have raised the pot before you had a chance to bet, the correct action would still be to raise the pot. Makeing it 3 bets to go.
-At 3 bets the people in the blinds are no longer a sure thing to be in the hand, and that is what you are looking for. You do not what people in on a draw to take your pot out from under your nose by catching cards on the turn or the river.
---The Flop---
Lets say that the small blind folded, the big blind called and the person in 2nd position also called.
-The flop comes out 9c, 9s, 3h
-This is a very good flop for you. the 2 (9)nines mean that the odds of catching trips are very low, not only because there are 2 on the board, but because they came out on the flop, and because makeing it 3 bets to go before the flop ment that you most likely pushed out the mid range suited connector type of player. At this point your action would be to bet or raise. If the first person to act checks, or makes it 1 bet to go, the raise would be the correct call here. If he makes it 2 bets to start you would want to think about just calling.
-The big blind folds. You are now heads up.
---The Turn---
-The turn comes out 6h. Your turn to act.
-Again you should raise. You will get a feel for your opponent through out the hand, At this point that should come into play a little. You should atleast make it 1 bet to go, but you will also want to consider 2 bets, or about 1/2 the total pot(because it is NL, in a limit game you can only make it 1 bet). If the person was in on a straight draw they will fold. Odds are they are also in on moderate pocket pair (same as you are) but you being the aggressor means that they will assume you are holding KK or AA. They will most likely fold, but lets say they call your 2 bet.
---The River---
-The river comes out 10c
-You guessed it. We are raising the pot. Again 2 bets. If your opponent calls. the turn over your cards and show him the goods. By this time, a 2 bet raise should put him out of the hand, if he did not already fold on the turn.

Hope this helps out. Next time: Playing A-X