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On line is a tremendous development

As a regular on line gambler at party poker I have to disagree with the above statements. I have not seen any significant collusion or evidence of bots.

Also, with the paypro system you can make deposits into your poker account directly from your bank regardless of whether or not your bank supports on line gambling. You can also cash out your bankroll directly back into your bank account. Both of these actions are free of any fee at all.

Also, it is a popular misconception that you cannot read opponents on line. The key of course is to become familiar with your opponents betting patterns and tendencies, just as you would in a live game. Though it's true that you can't read body language, you'd be surprised how well you can place your opponents based on betting trends and style alone. I find that with what I've learned about reading opponents on line, live ring games are substantially easier to read.

And finally, as a resident of a non-casino town, the practice I get on line is invaluable. If I had to travel to play, I'd play only a few times a year, this would place me at a distinct disadvantage to regular players. Now that I can play from my living room, I play every night. I stay in top game form, and I've become a consistent winner both on and off line.