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VEGAS is the worst place to place poker in my opinion.. as far as casinos go, id suggest biloxi at the Beau Rivage. especially when the circuit is in.. they run bigger games and they have no cap on any buyin.. whereas vegas limits you to 500 max on 1/2 omaha. and 2/5 omaha is 1500. cant even match the biggest stack like some casinos(Cherokee NC for instance is 1000 max, but you can match stacks anytime).. Biloxi you can seat with any amount, and up until 2015 march you could have cash play on the table as well. that has recently been amended at the Beau, but cash still is in play at the IP. but games at the Beau are typcially bigger and better. During the wsop they play regularly run a 25/50 mandatory 100 staddle in omaha .. and even the smaller games like the 5/5 do a mandatory 10, which makes it play big... typcially for holdem the 1/2 plays okay there, and 2/5 is solid as well and has some really big players in it for the size.(usually a few 5 and 6K stacks)...

places to avoid for sure are Tunica and Atlantic city seems to be dying down..