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Joe Bloggz
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I have 55 in a late position in a online $1/$2 NL online , $12 pre-flop raise from one guy. 2 of us call. Flop is 45Q. Early position bets $50, origional raiser calls. I re-raise to $120 flop bet\'er folds, pre-flop raiser calls. The turn is a 2, I think well theres absolutly no way hes got A3 or 36 so I chuck another $70 down thinkin its only QQ that will beat me he goes allin I call so theres a $500+ pot. 3 drops in on the river and he turns over AA to make a A-5 str8. Nice, how I wished i\'d held 66 and played like a tw@t. Not sure how the hell he thought he was ahead the way I was bettin.