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home game

high stakes homegame (10,000$ buy-in). Our christmas tourney (20 players; 1 rebuy in first 2 hours). Final 5 are left. Everyone has been joking about how many times 7,4 would have won the hands...about 70% 7,4 would have got 2 pair, a straight, or a full house. I have 96,000 and change and the CHIP LEAD. 4th wins money. I\'m in the big blind with guess what THE 7,4 SPADES. 1st guy bets all-in 34,000...2nd and 3rd fold. 4th goes all in with about the same. I sit there laughing in my head about whether i make this rediculously loose call, but i did b/c i didn\'t have much to lose except the chip lead. I rationalized it to myself by thinking that one of them would lose anyway i would win money so i called... QUITE A MOMENT OF ANXIETY. 1st player holds a,a 4th player holds k,k and me with 7s,4s. Flop -> 7,4,9; Turn -> 7, River -> 4. Cigars dropped from peoples faces and hit the table and two business men stormed out pissed off. This might not be a great beat off the flop but preflop it is rediculous. Besides, i won 175,000$ and bought a porsche. Good day.