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I am in a multi-table $5 No-Limit Hold\'em Tournament. We have just narrowed from 600 players to start down to around 50. I am sitting just above the average chip stack for the sum of all of the entrants. I have just been moved to a new table and the blinds are 100-200. I am sitting at around 4000 chips when I am dealt pocket kings in an early position. I raise to 600, The Dealer calls, as does the big blind. The flop comes down Kd 6d 6c. I\'m glad at this point this is not a live tournament because my jumping up and down and cheering would more than likely give my holdings away. Since there are 2 diamonds out I decide to check, and hope someone either bets or catches another diamond on the turn for a flush. They both check behind me and the turn comes 6s (another 6!) I\'m not really worried that either of them have 4 of a kind, and the only hand other than the 6 that beats me is pocket aces, I am relatively sure they didnt have that since they probably would want to charge a pair of kings starting on the flop. Feeling good about my hand at this point I bet about 3/4 the size of the pot. (Around 1500) The dealer calls with what I suspect to be a lower pocket pair. (maybe 10\'s?) The big blind folds. The river comes 6h (yep that\'s right 4 of a kind on the board). Now I am very upset because my nut full house has deteriorated to the point where I am actually playing the board. However I put my opponent on a lower pocket pair to make the call on the turn. So I go ahead and fire the rest of my 1900 chips to try and take the whole pot. He calls immediately and turns up Ace Queen and I have been eliminated from the tournament just a few places shy of the payout :[