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This is the ultimate bad beat. I am up $1975 in profit and I wanted to be at $2000 even and cash out. I was playing $30/60 and got JQ diamonds in Big Blind. Flop comes 8 9 10 rainbow. I essentialy flop the nuts. But, honestly, there is no such thing as the nuts on Riverstars. There is one other player in the hand. I check, he bets $30 I re-raise him $60 he calls. The turn is a 8. I come out VERY AGGRESIVE... VERY AGGRESIVE. I bet $30, he raises me to $60, I re-raise him to $90, he then caps the bet at $120. The river is a 9. Hence the term Riverstars. So the board is showing 8 9 10 8 9. Before even clicking bet I know I am beat. I bet he raises all in for $27 more. What did he have? 83 offsuit... He stayed in with an 8... He wasnt even a blind!!!!!!! HE WAS IN FIRST POSITION. Besides losing my money, I lost my college tuition and am currently employed at Hess gas station... Nice hand.. Nice hand... Really