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party is the fishiest so has been one of the more profitable, plus i am not restricted on how many tables i play.

poker stars is smooth and has great tourny's. customer service is second to none.

ultimate bet is one of my favorite because of all of its features like ultimate buddy which allows you to track your favorite opponents that like to donate to you. plus i make a ton in rakeback there.

absolute is great for bonus whoring and thats it. its a rock garden because of everyone chasing the bonuses.

paradise is soft but its slow and hand histories can take up to half an hour and customer service isn't very good.

pacific is the worst site you can play which is a shame b/c the worst players on the internet play there. you can't multitable, you constantly get disconnected, the service is terrible, the interface is from the dark ages etc etc.

poker room i didn't like because the bonus took a ridiculous amount of time to clear which made the games way too tight. i wasn't there long enough and didn't log enough hands to get a true indication of what the site was really about though b/c i didn't want to waste my time stealing blinds.

full tilt is a nice site with potential. if you play high enough you can clear that 100% bonus and its worth it.

just my take on a few sites.