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It depends when he folded them...

Originally Posted by Iceman37 of the posts I DID read said, in effect, that you have to play the AA and then added "have you ever seen a pro fold AA?"

The answer is YES. Daniel Negreanu did EXACTLY that, and then devoted his entire column in Cardplayer Magazine to the play.

Of course it wasn't the first hand of the WSOP. He wasn't looking at tripling up. And his reasoning had nothing to do with the odds or the cards or winning or losing (he did it for purely psychological prove to himself that he could!)

So yes, there has been at least one pro (the best in the business, I might add) who has folded the rockets.
If he folded them before the flop, then it was a terrible play. On the flop? Could be a great fold, depending on what he's up against. Folding the best possible starting hand before the flop is a terrible idea.