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It doesn't matter!

Originally Posted by VINCE
I Been Playing For 20 Years Never Say Never! Yes Sometimes Under Unique Circumstances You Will Or At Least Better Consider Folding The Aces. Here Is The Deal: In A 9 Person Hold Em Game, 80% Of The Time 3 Aces Are Dealt Out In All Variations. If You Have Someone Make A Big Bet Preflop And You Hold Aces Its No Big Deal But If 3 Or More People Call, Get Out!!!!!! At Least 1 Of The Other 4 Are Holding An Ace So You Are Already Looking For The Case Ace Pre Flop! The Best Thing For Guys Like Me Is Espn Showing These Tournements. People Dont Understand They Are Generally Watching The Last Table Of A Tourney. Play Is Considerbly Different In The Phase Of A Toureny And Certainly Way Different In A Money Game. Remember 1 Thing No One Tells You, Holdem Takes 5 To 15 Minutes To Learn And A Lifetime To Master
For one, the pot odds would then be to great to fold the best starting hand on. Second of all, you should never expect the third A to hit anyway. You should only count on your pair of As to hold up. Your odds of hitting the 3rd A with 2 left in the deck are slim anyway.

You should call because if you win this hand, you can go out and eat dinner, then go to bed with your woman, then come back to the game afterwards. You simply wouldn't have to play a freaking hand for hours if you won that hand with AAs. You would only lose 1.5 blinds every 10 hands. You would just have to have to have a lot of discipline, and you coast into the money.

So, you may get a little short stacked there, but you are still in the money.