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It all comes down to whether you're the type of person who eases into the pool or jumps in headfirst. You can put the odds out there, the earned value, but until you're in this situation, you'll never know. If this happens to me, I see 3 other callers with, in all likelihood, lesser hands. The fact that this is the WSOP is irrelevant. Would you make the call in your local card game? I think more of us would. As many others have said, you're probably looking at AA calling an AK, KK and maybe something like QQ, JJ or AQs or AJs. For most of these guys the higher end straight is shot, leaving flushes and low end straights. I'd still get my money in the pot on this one, just because the advantage for me in terms of chip stack is much more desirable than the odds that I'll be busted out later. For me and my playing style, I take the risk. If I get em cracked, well then so be it. Assuming no one hits a set on the river, my hand is likely to significantly improve due to the high cards being sucked out already. Odds are that at least a Q or J was folded by the other 6 players as well (the other 12 cards that are out of play) leaving the Aces in a dominating position. I say play em. I can also see the argument of laying em down in favor of outplaying the people later (because lets face it, even if one of the weaker hands wins out ... anyone betting a QQ or JJ or AQ or weaker hand with 1 or two other all-ins is likely to be easily outplayed later...that being a rule, I go in with the best of it early and back out when I don't. It's just how I play.

The problem with that is you assume the others have High Cards, And the lower ones will fold. I have seen this play out to many times to count. Some players will stay in knowing that the high cards are out of the deck, Which gives them a high chance of catching lower ones.

One reason you see gus win so many so Called "Trash Cards" He knows the odds in his favor if the top cards are out of play.