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Its says one player goes all in the three players call.That equals 4 players already all in. Now you wake up with pocket AA its time to decide.

Doyle also says that AA and KK win small pots and lose big pots.

Poker isn't winning hands its making the right decision. If you feel that you can PLAY better then everyone else then I say fold. There is 4 other guys trying to get lucky. It doesn't matter which one does it just means you are gone. 10,000 for one hand.

Now if the table were Pros I would go all in for sure because I wouldn't be sure of my post game flop.

If it were people I don't recognize or can tell they are really bad players I would fold. Knowing I can have a an easy shot to take them out by OUT PLAYING THEM. I have won most of my money by out paying people on the flop.

Gambling is important in poker but you only get paid for the right decisions not how big your ego is becuase you pushed all your chips in on a coin flip due to the fact that there are 4 other players in that hand.
Your not playing against one hand you are playing against 4.

Doyle also says on the first day you shoul just let the pots come easily to you getting in to a hand where you are the under dog is not a good idea.

Lets Look at that again 4 players against one for all of your money 10,000

Or wait a little and take them down later with two pair or a flush.


AsAd -49.72% tie 1.08%
AK cl- 8.31% tie 1.08%
KhKs - 10.59% tie 1.08%
JdJh- 14.37 % tie .35%
QdQs- 15.73% tie .35

Aces are great heads up the problem is they are just a pocket pair which makes them the second worst hand on the rank card (Royal flush to high card)

Well not that this will change anyones minds go push your chips in and I will still probably call because ace are a cruel cock tease.

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