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Originally Posted by Unregistered
Why Call? no reason to call. You can wait out anything except an all in. It does not show that you are weak. It shows that your odds have increased due to the fact that 3 people will be out of the tournament. The point of day one is to survive and pick up enough pots from weaker players. Why risk your entire tournament on one good hand with good odds? There will be plenty of hands in your favor that you do not need to risk it all. But as mike would say "**** it Im all in"
You DO realize that by getting your money in with the best hand with that many callers it is in your favor to at least triple up. You are at worst, a coin flip. If you lose, it is unlucky. That happens in poker. If you win, you could go take a nap for 3 hours and proabally come back in the money and having a descent chance to win still. If you are not willing to call with pocket As before the flop, you shouldn't be playing poker at all. PERIOD!