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Bankroll is still alive!! Took a nose dive and ended up banking out $1500 and starting from $200 again and peaked it at $3370, but just taken a $500 drop in 2 days. Pretty gross but it was due, AA cracked 4 times in a row, wahya gonna do? Couple of hands to pitch, both in .5/$1 cash games. Second one not overly proud of, been watching a bit too much of Tom Dwan on poker after dark i think. Tell me what you think:
************************************************** *********
1. 6 seat cash
Guy in seat 2 playing solid game, the big blind been very loose preflop and I get AQ in small blind

Seat 2($100) Raise $3
I call($100)
Big Blind($79) calls

Flop: Ac 10h 5h pot:$9

I check
BB checks
Seat 2 raises $6
I reraise to $16
BB calls
Seat 2 folds

Turn: Kd pot:$47

I raise $50
BB folds
************************************************** *****
2. 6 Seat cash
Actions been quite tight, and I pick up 6h7h in the cut off

I ($120) raise $3
Button folds
SB($200) reraises $9.50
BB ($150)calls
I call

Flop: Kd 3c 3h pot= $28.50

SB checks
BB checks
I bet $16
SB calls
BB folds

Turn: Js pot= $60.50

SB checks
I bet $22
SB reraises to $66
I fold

************************************************** *******

Not saying the 2nd was text book play, but wondered if betting at weakness like this would either profit or break even whilst promoting an image likely to be paid off? Maybe he had JJ and i got unlucky, maybe he had KK and played me for a sucker, all thoughts and suggestions welcome.