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Originally Posted by HomePokerGames Admin
Everyone claims to know someone who knows someone who has a bot. And everyone also claims that half of all sites (the site they lose at coincidentially) use them. Until I see tangible proof I won't spend any time worrying about them.

There are pokerbots out there the most notorious being WinHoldEm and Vex Bot.... you can get them easily although they aren't the best way to win money... you will actually loose in most cases as the good players will pick up on the bots style.... the best tool that most ppl use online though are hand calculators... they merge with various sites and allow you to have an extra edge by calculating hand percentages, monitoring betting/playing styles of your table mates to help guess at what they might have (bluffing or the having the hand), and gives you pro tips on every situation and so much more... they work with every major poker site including pokerstars, ultimatebet, partypoker, full tilt poker and paradise poker. They are cheap, easy to use, and will definetely allow you to make it in the money provided you don't killed by bad beats.